Tuesday, May 3

Quick Recent Event Update!

Is it really May already?  I cannot believe how fast time is passing these days.  Just a quick update on life events lately before I get into my ramblings...

My cousin Crystal was married just a couple of months ago and we all made a trip down to Clifton, Texas to celebrate their wedding with a reception.  Crystal is an amazing woman and we were so happy to see her find such an exceptional man to spend the rest of her life with.  The reception was wonderful and we had so much fun spending time with family.  

One of my closest friends, Kellie, celebrated her birthday this past month!  We all went out for dinner at Rio Mambo and then back to their apartment for dessert and games.  Life has gotten so hectic and jam packed that any time we get to spend with friends is incredible.

Last month Josh and I took a day and went out to Glen Rose, Texas to do some hiking in Dinosaur Valley.  We had been before but it was a breath of fresh air to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  

This past weekend Jami, Kristi and I drove out to Wichita Falls for Kim’s (Jami’s sister) bridal shower.  It had been a while since I was able to spend time with the girls so we made a weekend out of it.  They drove in late Friday night and spend the night and then we headed out in the morning and got back late that night.  The shower was beautiful and I was overjoyed to get to spend so much time with friends I love so much!!

Life has continued to stay incredibly busy, I’m very thankful for the time to have to spend with family and friends!  

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