Friday, July 27

DIY Diaper Clutch

Thank you Pinterest for yet another fun DIY project!  This one turned out super cute, if I do say so myself.  Bonus... it was INCREDIBLY simple.  My sewing skills are very basic and it only took me about 45 minutes (most of that was figuring out how things would go together).  I saw this tutorial and followed it for the most part but it was a little too confusing so I thought I'd make my own!  Good luck!

Take your wipes container and a diaper and place them on your fabric leaving a half inch border.

Cut your fabric

 Take the piece you just cut and use it as a template for another piece.  One will form the outside and the other will be the inside of the clutch.  

Take the inner piece of fabric and cut it in half (like a hamburger <-- that's the kindergarten teacher in me coming out).

Take one of the pieces you just cut in half and cut it in half (like a hamburger) again. 

Fold the fabric over to create a hem and press to hold.  The smaller pieces should have two hems and the larger inside piece will only have one.

Sew your hems

Placing the right sides of the fabric together sew the three outer edges together.

Do the same on the right side, make sure your hems are on the inside
When you turn it right side out it should look like this.
If you don't like the unfinished look of the inside center (like me) you can cut a strip of fabric and, using fabric glue, paste it down the center in the opening.
Now you need to cut a small strip of fabric to hold the two inner pieces (for wipes side) together
  Iron and then hem
 Sew onto fabric
 Tada! You can now insert your wipes
Take ribbon and trim down to create a "hook," then sew onto the opening on the edge of the wipes side
 Hand sew a button on the outside of the clutch, this should be in a position that will allow for the ribbon to loop over the button to keep the clutch closed
Put your diapers in the right side (it should hold about 3 diapers)
 Put your wipes container in the other side
 Then close and latch!  You're done... SUPER easy, right?
 Now you can open your wipes without having to take them out of the clutch.  Genius. 

Tuesday, July 24

Baby Changes

It's truly amazing how quickly they grow... You hear this from everyone and their dog, but boy is it true!!  It's hard to believe that only drinking breast milk can make your baby go from this (pic on the left) to that (pic on the right) in only two months! 

Left side: 8 Days // Right side: 2 Months
I'm sitting here wondering what she'll look like in another two months.  We may end up having quite the chubba wubba on our hands!  You'd never know she was a preemie. 

In other news, my mom's pool was completed yesterday!  We headed over after work/dinner to see the finished product and take a dip.  Callie really does love swimming, even in cold water.  She's going to be our little fishy.  And yes... her hair does look red in sunlight.  BUT!  It definitely doesn't look red indoors.  I guess she has a lot of her daddy in her :).

My family is in Colorado celebrating the baptism of my nephew Andrew.  Unfortunately we weren't able to travel that far to witness it, but we are so proud and couldn't love him more!  We are hoping to go on our first trip to visit Josh's grandparents soon and I'm looking forward to seeing how Callie Bug handles it all. 

I went out and purchased a memory book for the babe today.  Marsha pulled Josh's out last week to see his milestones and it reminded me that I needed to start one.  I've spent the past two hours trying to recall that last two months... I can't believe how much my brain has already forgotten.  Her pre-birth scrapbook is almost complete, I just need to finish her nursery page and the sonogram pages,  then I can get started on her actual baby scrapbook.  :)  

The little monster is currently starting to squirm... Guess I better log off and fill her belly!

Wednesday, July 18

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Back in March Josh and I purchased some letters for Callie's nursery from a shop on ETSY.  We were so excited to get them in the mail and finalize her nursery before she arrived.  6 weeks after placing and paying for our order we still had not received them... I emailed the dealer and received a message back saying her mother had fallen ill and she would have them in the mail the next week.  After another week passed I emailed again... This time she had "sent them priority."  When yet another week passed I emailed her again and received the response, "I sent them and they were returned to me saying there was no such address."  I responded with my address once again and she said they would be in the mail immediately.  Needless to say it is now 4 months later, we have not received our order and the shop is now closed.  I've done all I can on my end and unfortunately was robbed of $70 dollars that we now will never get back.

Instead of pouting and throwing a fit I decided to take matters into my own hands.  After a quick trip to hobby lobby where I found canvas on sale (woohoo!) I got started on my own little project.  Here it is!  I think we like it even more than the original ones we ordered.

{Take your plain canvas.. these were on sale: 2 for $3.99}
{Tape off a chevron pattern.  See tutorial here}
{Then with acrylic paint and a sponge brush apply your color on the canvas}
{This was by far the most tedious part... Probably took around 1 1/2 hours}
{After they're painted I let them dry and then removed the tape}
{Plain ol' letters from Hobby Lobby}
{Add a little pink paint (same color as the birds on her mural) and hot glue onto canvas}
{Then hang!}
{I am SOOOO happy with how it turned out!!! Who needs ETSY?!}

Kinsley Rae's Arrival

On July 13, 2012 my sweet little niece was brought into this world.  Kinsley Rae was born in the middle of the night and surprised us by showing up a week early!  As soon as I heard the wonderful news I was up, showered and rushing to the hospital to meet her. 

Mom and baby are both healthy and happy and were released from the hospital in only 3 days!  It has been so incredible watching Jamie and Kenneth become parents, they both took to it like naturals.  Our family feels so complete and it's been wonderful to see Steve and Marsha soaking up their new grandchildren. 

Callie doesn't seem very interested yet, but before too long they will be pulling each others hair and playing together!  I can't wait to watch these two beautiful girls grow up together, they are so lucky!  Here are a few pictures from Kinsley's big arrival.

Congratulations Jamie and Kenneth!!!  She is a doll.

Saturday, July 14

Callie - 2 Months

Holy cow!  It has been two months since our lives were forever changed by Callie's arrival.  It's almost difficult to remember a time when she wasn't around.  This past month was full of wonderful memories being made and watching our sweet little thang grow like a weed.  Here are some pictures from her two month photoshoot and some comparison shots!

Callie has gained tons of weight and is just over 9 lbs!  Hard to imagine that she's almost doubled in size since being born.  She has gotten more interactive and has recently started to smile at us.  This month she discovered her voice and it has been so much fun listening to her coo's and watching her reaction as her eyes grow wide and she smiles like she's proud of the sound she just produced.  She is still an absolute angel.  We joke that she's spoiling us for all future Morgan babies. 

Some of her favorite things are:
  • Taking naps in her swing
  • Making crazy monster noises
  • Smiling at mommy and daddy
  • Cuddles 
  • Listening to mommy sing "You Are My Sunshine"
  • Her musical seahorse
  • MILK
  • Being the gassiest baby alive (lots of poots and burps!)
  • Peeing on mommy and daddy
  • Tummy time
  • Spending time with Grandma, Gigi, Big Popi and Aunts/Uncles
  • Swimming 
  • Bath time
 Callie is still wearing newborn clothes but has officially grown out of her preemie sizes.  She is still wearing newborn diapers but the Pampers newborns are getting a little snug.  She loves wearing headbands and looks utterly adorable in pink.  She's on the same schedule that she's been on since the beginning... Nursing exclusively every 3-4 hours.  Baby girl has yet to sleep through the night but has blessed us ONCE by sleeping for 5 hours!  We are hoping that the full night's sleep is just around the corner.  

Our lives truly have been turned upside-down and though there are times I want to cry from exhaustion all it takes is one look in her beautiful hazel eyes and it all goes away.  She is truly our blessing from God and we love her more each and every day!   Here are a few pictures of Callie doing some of her favorite things over the past month.

Father's Day - The day she was dedicated to the church
4 Generations
  Spending time with cousins Matty and Andrew
First time in the pool!
Meeting "Aunt" Ashley
Bath time with Mommy
Tummy Time
Her first Fourth of July
She loves being outside!

There are hundreds more pictures but this will do for now!  Lots of exciting things have been happening lately so stay tuned for more updates.  As always thanks for keeping up with us!!