Tuesday, July 24

Baby Changes

It's truly amazing how quickly they grow... You hear this from everyone and their dog, but boy is it true!!  It's hard to believe that only drinking breast milk can make your baby go from this (pic on the left) to that (pic on the right) in only two months! 

Left side: 8 Days // Right side: 2 Months
I'm sitting here wondering what she'll look like in another two months.  We may end up having quite the chubba wubba on our hands!  You'd never know she was a preemie. 

In other news, my mom's pool was completed yesterday!  We headed over after work/dinner to see the finished product and take a dip.  Callie really does love swimming, even in cold water.  She's going to be our little fishy.  And yes... her hair does look red in sunlight.  BUT!  It definitely doesn't look red indoors.  I guess she has a lot of her daddy in her :).

My family is in Colorado celebrating the baptism of my nephew Andrew.  Unfortunately we weren't able to travel that far to witness it, but we are so proud and couldn't love him more!  We are hoping to go on our first trip to visit Josh's grandparents soon and I'm looking forward to seeing how Callie Bug handles it all. 

I went out and purchased a memory book for the babe today.  Marsha pulled Josh's out last week to see his milestones and it reminded me that I needed to start one.  I've spent the past two hours trying to recall that last two months... I can't believe how much my brain has already forgotten.  Her pre-birth scrapbook is almost complete, I just need to finish her nursery page and the sonogram pages,  then I can get started on her actual baby scrapbook.  :)  

The little monster is currently starting to squirm... Guess I better log off and fill her belly!

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