Friday, July 27

DIY Diaper Clutch

Thank you Pinterest for yet another fun DIY project!  This one turned out super cute, if I do say so myself.  Bonus... it was INCREDIBLY simple.  My sewing skills are very basic and it only took me about 45 minutes (most of that was figuring out how things would go together).  I saw this tutorial and followed it for the most part but it was a little too confusing so I thought I'd make my own!  Good luck!

Take your wipes container and a diaper and place them on your fabric leaving a half inch border.

Cut your fabric

 Take the piece you just cut and use it as a template for another piece.  One will form the outside and the other will be the inside of the clutch.  

Take the inner piece of fabric and cut it in half (like a hamburger <-- that's the kindergarten teacher in me coming out).

Take one of the pieces you just cut in half and cut it in half (like a hamburger) again. 

Fold the fabric over to create a hem and press to hold.  The smaller pieces should have two hems and the larger inside piece will only have one.

Sew your hems

Placing the right sides of the fabric together sew the three outer edges together.

Do the same on the right side, make sure your hems are on the inside
When you turn it right side out it should look like this.
If you don't like the unfinished look of the inside center (like me) you can cut a strip of fabric and, using fabric glue, paste it down the center in the opening.
Now you need to cut a small strip of fabric to hold the two inner pieces (for wipes side) together
  Iron and then hem
 Sew onto fabric
 Tada! You can now insert your wipes
Take ribbon and trim down to create a "hook," then sew onto the opening on the edge of the wipes side
 Hand sew a button on the outside of the clutch, this should be in a position that will allow for the ribbon to loop over the button to keep the clutch closed
Put your diapers in the right side (it should hold about 3 diapers)
 Put your wipes container in the other side
 Then close and latch!  You're done... SUPER easy, right?
 Now you can open your wipes without having to take them out of the clutch.  Genius. 


Anonymous said...

The measurements you used would be a great help. Thanks for posting.

Jordan Ashalintubbi said...

I found this tutorial off of pinterest too! But yours is much better than the other i found, I actually attempted this tutorial too and edited it a little, instead of adding the extra piece of fabric to the side of the wipes holder I just added a whole strip of fabric and made a button in the middle, that way it was more contained and it just snaps in and out of the inside of the clutch! But great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

You can make a "sandwich" with batting and another piece of fabric, too! Gives some strength and you don't have to worry about the bare spot in the middle. Using contrasting patterns is fun!

Anonymous said...

I think we must have looked at the same tutorial originally. I think yours is much easier to follow. I ruined my first attempt( which is a bummer because I really liked the fabric I was using) but I'm going to try again using this for reference, thank you for putting so many picturs, I'm pinning this

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that wipe case? I love that it has the pop up.