Thursday, April 18

11 Months... Wow!

11 months... That is mind blowingly weird to say.  My tiny, 5 lb 8 oz baby girl is just 3 weeks shy of being a toddler.  Let me tell you, I am SO not ready for this. 

Birthday plans are in full swing and invitations finally went out this week.  I'm just having an incredibly difficult time processing the reality that it has already been a year since Callie blessed our lives.  But more on that later... I'm not really looking to bawl my eyes out quite yet. :)

Callie's 10th month of life has been the most fun we've had thus far!  She is finally starting to "get" things.  Now when she throws drops something she looks at us and says, "Uh-Oh!" Unfortunately for me it has now become a game, but Little Bird wont get the last laugh - Buy Buy Baby sells toy and drink straps so every time she "uh-oh's" something I can pull it right back up with no problem.  Muah ha ha ha. 

She has also figured out how to fake laugh which is the cutest thing.  We will be driving down the road just fake laughing our tushies off back and forth... Makes the afternoon drive home from work much more enjoyable.  As does her beautiful singing voice!  I can sing in a high pitched voice and she will mimic me... Nothing fills my heart more.

Callie is weighing in at 16 lbs 5 oz and is 28 inches tall (20% and 25%).  I swear we are feeding her... She nurses in the morning, has 5-6 baby bullet jars of food + organic puffs + water + 3 bottles and sometimes crackers/cookies/yogurt! 

She celebrated her first Easter this month and had her first post-NICU ER visit as well.  Poor thing can't get a "normal" cold because of her asthma.  One afternoon I picked her up from daycare and she was having a really difficult time breathing.  By the time I had made it home her breathing was so strained she couldn't even cry.  We calmly drove to Cook Children's where we ended up spending the remainder of the night giving her breathing treatments and steroids.  But let me tell you... Cooks knows what's up.  Every staff members carries around BUBBLES!!!  Why don't all hospitals have bubbles?!  It makes the wait time much more bearable and actually makes you smile.  Genius.  While we were waiting, bored out of our minds, Callie finally figured out how to clap.  She was so very proud of herself.

On top of all of the other fun changes like her desire to start walking with just one hand being held, giving hugs and cuddles, and her ever expanding vocabulary, her personality has grown leaps and bounds and our hearts even bigger with the love we have for her.  Check back soon for her birthday updates and a health update for me! 

 Bath time has never been so much fun!

 This picture is just very Callie...
 This is her "cheese" face
 She hates the grass... but if you leave her alone she'll tolerate it just to come find you!

Yes, my daughter is a vampire... But she sure is a cute one, don't you think?


Angela Rollins said...

:) me and Callie can hang out on a blanket since we both aren't into grass!!

cal+claire said...

What a beautiful little girl you have on your hands! So excited for her birthday coming up. (Sorry about being a bit AWOL - school has been hard) Love your family!