Monday, December 2

Thankfulness 2013 & 18 Weeks with Kellan

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone! This year has brought so many incredible things to be thankful for and one of my favorite traditions is taking a little time to sit and write about those things.  My dad always loved sitting around the table during our Thanksgiving meal and getting everyone to say something they were especially thankful for.  I used to hate it because it seemed like a chore to have to think of something, but now that he isn't here to keep that tradition alive I've really missed it. 

First and foremost I am insanely thankful for my Savior, my faith and my church family.  Without Christ I would be nowhere, I would be nobody and Josh and I would not be as close as we are.  Josh and I have made it a point to be more purposeful in our time with the Lord and it has paid off tenfold in not only our family life but in our love life! 

That leads me to my second one; family.  I always knew that being a mom was something I wanted desperately and this past year with Callie has only reassured me of that.  She is now 18 months old, 19 pounds, 32 inches and full of life, laughter and lots and lots of words.  She's an extreme busy body and is absolutely obsessed with babies and playing with balls.  We call her a little momma!  Josh is my everything, my love, my best friend, my cuddle buddy and my confidant.  He and I have grown closer than I ever could have imagined over the past year and now with Kellan on the way things have gotten even more exciting.  This time next year we will be a busy little family of FOUR!!!  Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  :)

Jobs are another thing that I find myself being thankful for every day.  Josh and I are both blessed with wonderful, reliable jobs that provide us with a means to live the life we are living and for that we are so grateful.

There are a million more things I could list, among them are a wonderful group of friends, extended family, our beautiful home and our health. 

This Thanksgiving break was quite busy as we spent two evenings with family and then traveled to East Texas for a long weekend.  Tuesday night was spent with my family, we had a nontraditional meal and spent time playing with all of the kiddos.  Wednesday was spent with Josh's family.  His mom made the most incredible meal which was consumed all too quickly and the next day we made our way to Josh's grandparent's house in East Texas.  Last week I came down with a terrible illness and finally, after battling a high fever we finally caved in and visited a CareNow where I was diagnosed with avian flu.  It's the most miserable I've felt in quite some time.  Despite our attempts to keep Callie away from me, she somehow ended up catching the flu anyway.  Traveling with a non-medicated, recovering momma and a very sick, cranky 18 month old was NOT the best idea.  Needless to say, our "vacation" ended up being more stressful and exhausting than we could have imagined and we were both relived to finally be back home to get back on our schedule. 

Sometimes it's difficult to find things to be thankful for, especially when you aren't feeling well or things aren't going the way you'd like for them to go.  But with all of these blessings, I'd be crazy not to take a moment and thank the Lord for all of them! 

Now onto a pregnancy update! 

How far along: 18 weeks, 4 days (in the photo)
Total Weight Gain/Loss
: 8/9 pounds

Maternity clothes: None yet, just using a belly belt every now and then.  

Stretch marks: None

Sleep: Still wonderful

Best moment last week: Spending Thanksgiving with family, even though Callie and I were sick as can be, we really did enjoy the time with everyone.

Movement: While visiting with Josh's grandfather I actually felt him kick from the outside!  He is sitting VERY low so the movements have been mostly inside, but I was so excited to finally feel him on the outside.  Maybe his daddy will get a chance to feel him soon!

Food cravings: This week, nothing... I was lucky to drink enough water and eat what was available.  I did, however, chow down on a LOT of sweet potato casserole.

Gender: BOY!!!  

Labor signs: The contractions have officially started.  On a good day I have 2-4 an hour.  On a bad day I can have as many as 10-12 an hour.  It's incredibly frustrating and we will be discussing options during our high risk appointment this week. 

Belly button - in or out? In, but it is getting closer and closer to being flat

What I miss: Being able to stay active!  These days I am getting very tired, very easily.  Makes it hard when you're constantly chasing after an 18 month old.

What I am looking forward to: We get to see our little man on Wednesday for our anatomy scan.  We are just hoping that he is still a he when we go!  :)

Milestones: We hit 5 months!

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