Sunday, August 30

Callie's 3rd Birthday

Yes, I know it's nearly September and Callie's birthday was in May.... But can I get a cyber high-five for actually getting around to it? Hahaha.  

This year she wanted to do the bouncy house again, and of course - everything had to be PINK.  This girl is a little princess and loves all things frilly, fluffy, pink and sparkly.  I'm so not complaining.  We rented the most amazing princess bounce house equip with slide, basketball hoop and lots of room to bounce around.  My lovely mother graciously opened her home to us so we could have more room for the kids to run around.  Overall, Callie had a blast.  Here are a few pictures from her big day!  

Obsessed with babies

This picture screams girl click, doesn't it?!  They look so old!

She absolutely loves the moon, so we decided to buy a telescope!

 And just for fun... Her birthday boards!  1, 2 and now 3!

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