Monday, May 19

White Board Pregnancy Tracker

This pregnancy was so much fun to document!  With Callie we took monthly photos but they were pretty boring and looking back I have no way to tell which picture was what week because we didn't use anything to mark them.  This time around I wanted to do something bright and fun, something that would benefit from some of my creativity.  I've seen some incredible chalkboard updates via Pinterest and Google searches, but I felt like they were becoming a little overdone and after playing with monthly updates for Callie on a chalkboard I found out it could be incredibly time consuming and messy!

That led me to whiteboards!  I teach kindergarten and spend a lot of time writing on them.  They're SUPER easy to decorate and I love the fact that there are so many marker color options out there.  I made my board by using a thrift store frame, covering it with turquoise spray paint and nailing a white board - cut to size from Lowes - to the back.  It was SO simple and the finished product was exactly what I had in mind.  Bonus? It cost less than $15.00 to make!  

Each week I was able to create a brand new, unique design to document pregnancy milestones in less than 30 minutes.  Erasing mistakes was a breeze, too!  When Kellan came along early (33 weeks) we decided to keep the whiteboard in use for his monthly updates.  I had so much fun creating this birth announcement, too! 

I really love how they all turned out and had a blast decorating and getting to be creative.  Only God knows if there will be more children in our future, but if there are I can't wait to figure out a new way to track that pregnancy!  Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to send me any questions or comments!  
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Karine Fontaine said...

I really really love the idea !!!
Can we see each individual pics?

We've been trying to get pregnant for over two years now, and I can't wait to be pregnant, and I really want to do that kind of things, to remember every step of the way !