Monday, May 3

It's May already???

I cannot get over how quickly this year is passing.  It's already May!

Surgery Update:  I realize that it's been 10 days since surgery and I haven't updated y'all on the results.  I found myself unusually calm leading up to surgery that Friday morning.  Before I knew it I was waking up in recovery.  The doctor found NO SIGN of endometriosis, praise the LORD!  He did however find an adhesion that could have been causing me some pain and had it removed.  We were so happy with that news.  Recovery wasn't too terrible.  Friday I was out of it most of the day, Saturday was miserable spent throwing up and feeling like death, Sunday I finally felt a little more human, still very sore and tired.  I was back to work Monday, though, thanks to my mom who graciously lended me her laptop so I could work from bed.  It's now been over a week and I feel like I'm 95% back to normal.  I still have the steri-strip on my belly button that will come off either today or tomorrow, and I cannot workout or do any heavy lifting yet.  But after this week I should be back to 100%!  So thankful.

My sister in law will be here soon.  Just a few more days until she's in Texas for good.  I'm so eager for her to get here!

We finally recieved our wedding pictures and I couldn't have been more excited.  There are so many beautiful images and I am very thankful to Miss Kay Turner for all of her hard work and for taking the time to shoot our big day.  Flowers were complements of Miss Tami Winn and the cake was made for us by Mr. and Mrs. Milam.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.  You can find these and more on my facebook albums. Here and Here

Other than that things are pretty much the same.  Josh and I are both busy working during the week and relaxing/playing on the weekends.  We're looking forward to our sister, Jamie's wedding, in July and all of the events that are leading up to it. 

More posts as life rolls on...

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