Wednesday, May 19

There simply aren't enough hours in the day.

The crazy whirlwind that we call our life has continued to spin despite my desperate pleading for it to slow down.

Last week I was crazy busy with work as we were vendors at a convention in Grapevine.  I would spend part of the day in the office and the other part manning the booth and talking to complete strangers.  I'd come home just in time for Josh to leave for one of his games, it was a very, very busy week.

Thursday night, however, turned out to be a lot of fun.  My sister in law had a sonogram that day and they found out the sex of their baby.  I begged my brother through text messages to tell me what it was but he held firm and said he'd let us know that night at dinner.  Josh and I invited the family over for dinner and games, Tony and Melanie showed up with cupcakes, blue, white and pink ones. :)

Dad and Tony wrestled as the rest of us helped prepare dinner. Ahh, the memories of childhood.

Mom succeeded in burning off the fingerprint from her middle finger while cooking.  And you wonder where I get my gracefulness. :)

Dinner was delicious.  But we were all so consumed with the impending news that we just stuffed our faces as fast as we could.

When we had finally finished and gotten the table cleaned up Tony and Mel grabbed the gender coded cupcakes and tried their best to throw us all off.  I captured the big news in the video below:

We were all so excited to hear that the little Koch peanut is going to be a baby BOY!!!

He should be here by mid-October.  Just in time to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary!  Here's a picture of the little guy courtesy of Melanie's facebook page. :)

We finished the night off with a game of Settlers in which my brother finally took it to us Morgans.  We both have excuses though, Josh wasn't able to be his normal color because Melanie stole it from under him and I was distracted by mom's whining about her poor blistered finger (tee hee) and Dad's jaw dropping comments about what pain pills can do for a whiny woman. :)  It was a fantastic night though.

That following Saturday, May 15th, or as Melanie and Athena call it, the most bestest day of the year, we celebrated Athena's 14th and Melanie's 25th Birthdays.  Bug-a-boo had a Luau birthday party and God was gracious enough to clear the skies and bring out some sunshine for the poolside fiesta.  It was originally supposed to be a boy girl party but surprise, surprise, none of the boys showed up.  :)  Ah, to be 14 again.  

It was so much fun getting to watch her interact with her friends and to spend time with my family.  Here are a few pictures from her party.  You can find more on my dad's photography website.

That night the entire family went out to celebrate Melanie's birthday at Uncle Julios.  Not surprisingly, I forgot my camera, so I stole this picture from Mel's facebook page once again. :)

Oh - and I completely forgot to add Friday night's festivities in there!  Kellie and Cameron had a little get together with insanely good fajitas and yummy drinks, it was really great getting to spend some time with friends we hadn't seen in a while.  Thanks again for having us over guys!

I know that things are only going to continue to get busier for us as the summer months approach.  Jamie's wedding is less than two months away and I'm preparing for showers, parties and wedding festivities as I write this.  Little baby Matthew will continue to grow inside of Melanie and soon enough I'll be writing about his arrival!  We continue to be thankful for every single blessing given to us and love being able to share our lives with you all.  We hope that you'll keep checking back for more updates!

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