Wednesday, October 13

Health Update

Sorry it's taken me so long to get an update up.  Life flies right on by like normal...

I went to the GI specialist last week and she informed me that I shouldn't worry too much about the cysts on my spleen.  With the spleen you cannot develop tumors, only cysts, and typically they go away on their own.  I'll be going back in this December for another CT scan to see if there has been any change and we'll go from there.

She was, however, concerned with all of the pain and issues I have been having for the past six months.  So she set me up for the works.  And if you've ever been to a GI specialist you know what the works is.  I really don't want to explain.  But basically they'll be putting me out and scoping me from both ends.  Yep.  Lovely, huh? 

She will be looking for a number of different disorders and diseases hoping to find an answer to my chronic pains.  I'm truly hoping that this is the last procedure that I need to have done for a long time.  The appointment is set up for November 3rd and prayers are always appreciated. 

As far as my spine issues... I am supposed to start physical therapy soon.  I am also looking into seeing a chiropractor as that may help as well.  I know why I have the disorder, it's just a bummer that I'm having issues with it this early in life. 

When I was 21 months I fell out of a two story high window and snapped my left femur in half.  I was in a body cast for three months and am just lucky to be alive and able to walk and lead a normal life.  The break in my bone, however, messed up a growth plate and my right leg grew longer than my left.  It's caused hip issues in the past and is a big reason to why I hate running, but I've been able to live with it up until now.  The difference in height in my legs has set my entire spine off balance and is starting to be annoying.  Hopefully some physical therapy and possibly getting a shoe lift will help with that.

So!  Needless to say we have some good news and some pending news.  Good news, no need to worry about the cysts for now.  Pending news, who knows what's wrong with my insides... guess we'll find out come November. :) 

Thanks for all of your prayers and sweet comments, I am truly blessed to have friends and family that care so much about me.  <3


Emily said...

Have you tried yoga and eliminating gluten from your diet? I specialize in both so email me if you would like any advice on those. Feel better soon =)

Nicki said...

I've tried yoga before, it seems to really hurt my knees, and I was just tested for allergies to gluten and the test came out negative. But thank you so much for your help! I think Pilates will really help strengthen my core and take pressure off of my spine so that will be the next step.

Emily said...

You may have an intolerance vs an allergy. My husband was tested for a gluten allergies/celiacs and they came back negative. However, reducing gluten helps all of his GI issues.

I couldn't recommend Sunstone Yoga more and the book Depression Free naturally is also really good.

LA Fitness pilates classes are good if you have one of those near you