Monday, June 13

Weddings, Pictures, and Random Thoughts

June already... Are you serious?

Where in the world did the first half of this year go?  Here's a quick update on the going's on for all of you who enjoy the updates. :)

Two weeks ago I flew up to Pittsburgh for my sweet cousin, Jessica's, wedding.  It was the first time I had seen some of my family members in 14 years!!  Jessie's wedding day was a dream, the weather was gorgeous - despite the threat of rain in the days preceding - and it was wonderful getting to catch up with my family.  Josh and Tony had to stay behind for work, but we girls had a grand ol' time.

For those of you who knew my dad well you knew that he was a brilliant photographer.  He would never admit to the fact or even claim to be good, but he was very talented and definitely a natural.  Some of his work hangs on the walls of the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center and he has also had images published in a book for TCU.  For those of you that know me well - you know I'm kind of a picture-holic.  Addicted to taking pictures.  I have way too many albums on Facebook and am embarrassed of the number of  "tagged photos" of myself, but there is something to say for having so many wonderful memories captured on film.  :P

In my dad's passing he left behind his belongings to our family to "share and share alike."  When you lose someone you love so deeply the last thing on your mind is, oh what did they leave me?  I did, however, ask my mom if I could have my dad's camera.   It meant the world to me.  Holding the body in my hands and peering through the same lens that he looked through millions of times makes me feel somewhat still connected to him.   With that being said, I've been trying to use the camera as much as possible, following in my dad's footsteps and capturing life's greatest moments picture by picture.  Below are some images that I've captured over the past few months. :)

Tomorrow marks 6 months since losing Dad.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling these days.  It's been quite the struggle for me recently as I've started to battle anger.  I am not an angry person by any stretch of the imagination so it's an incredibly difficult emotion for me to experience.  I still haven't figured out where my anger is directed, but it has definitely taken its toll on me.  We are just now starting down some rough roads - so please continue to lift my family up in prayer.  Strength, patience, compassion, understanding and grace are things that my family is in desperate need of right now.

July 1st is my official last day of work.  I start school on the 5th and finish on the 20th.  I am still on the job search and am starting to feel a little weary.  Faith and trust are two things that are not coming easily to me at the moment, but I do believe that God will be faithful.  If I haven't found a teaching position by the start of the new school year I will apply for every substitute position possible to try and keep myself on the right path.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement - they really do help keep me going.

I hope this post wasn't too incredibly lengthy ;) As always thanks for keepin' up with us!  We love you all so much!


Hillary Wysong said...

Love you Nicki! You obviously got your Dad's talent as well. :-) Beautiful shots!

cal+claire said...

Lots of prayer coming your way from here

Jess said...

You did an amazing job taking photos at the wedding - we are so glad to have them!

Love you Nicki - will be praying for you!