Thursday, August 11

When Doors Close

After my interview on Monday I was feeling pretty good.  The interview itself went wonderful.  The principal was kind and asked questions that I felt prepared for and I felt like I did a great job portraying myself and the teacher I want to be.  Tuesday came and went and I hadn't heard anything... Then Wednesday.  By Wednesday evening I had grown quite anxious and just when I didn't think I could wait any longer I got an email from the principal.  She said that it had been a pleasure getting to know me and that she thinks I will make a wonderful teacher but that she had chosen another candidate.  My heart sank into my feet.  It turns out that she had interviewed ten people and I had been in the top three.  The two that were above me both had teaching experience.  The only reason I wasn't offered the position was because I haven't passed my ESL exam yet.  I'm scheduled to take it on Tuesday... So while I am down because I wasn't offered the job, I feel a little better knowing that I was at least highly considered for the position. :)

So the day goes on and I try to keep my chin up.  I realize that I am back to square one, which is substituting for this school year and I am perfectly okay with that.  Well, last night, after a long bath to try and cool my anxieties, Josh and I went out for a walk.  Right as we headed down the driveway my neighbor came running up to me and said that her sister in law had just been talking to her about some teaching needs at her school.  A little background... Tuesday night I went to a Thirty-One (handbag) party that was thrown by my neighbor's sister in law.  At this party were mostly teachers from the elementary school right by my house.  Anyway, she took my resume and spoke with the principal at her school and even had them put me on the substitute list.  At this point in time it is looking like they are overenrolled and could possibly be looking to hire at the start of the school year... I am not getting my hopes up but am remaining positive that the Lord will lead me down the correct path when the time is right.  Needless to say, I am feeling more encouraged and hopeful that this is where I belong, I feel the Lord's hand moving and I am just sitting here waiting to jump on any opportunity He brings my way. :)

Today I woke up feeling happier...  I thought well, if one door closes then I'm determined to find an unlocked window.  I WILL be a teacher!  :)

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cal+claire said...

Praise the Lord for an open window!