Sunday, March 10

Andrew is ONE!

It seems like just yesterday that I was rushing out of work to drive across town in an attempt to make it to the hospital in time to meet my newest little nephew.   He was this tiny, blue bundle with the sweetest, little hands and deep blue eyes.  At the time I was pregnant with Callie and an emotional train wreck.  Holding him for the first time gave me a memory that will forever be stamped on my heart.  

Standing in that labor and delivery room, looking around at my family, I couldn’t help but get a lump in my throat as Daddy came to mind.  I could just picture him standing in the corner, one leg propped up behind him on the wall, arms crossed over his Dallas Cowboys jersey, a relaxed smile on his lips and those big, brown, puppy dog eyes glistening with tears as he took in every sound, smell and sight.  My heart broke thinking that Andrew would never get to meet his G-pa on this Earth, and furthermore that my soon-to-be daughter wouldn’t either.   Somehow, despite all of the pain I was feeling, Andrew was able to bring a new light into our lives.  He has grown to be such a sweet, independent, loving little toddler and has truly blessed our family immensely. 

Andrew’s birthday party was a truck/car theme and Melanie did such a great job with decorations!  Family from all over Texas and Colorado was able to make it in to celebrate him.  We had a wonderful time talking, laughing and spending time together.  My prayer for Andrew is that he will grow into a God fearing man, respectful, loving, and ambitious.  I know that Daddy is looking down smiling at his “mini me” and praying the same things.  Tony and Mel, you are incredible parents, thank you for blessing our family with your two, sweet boys.  We love you all so much!  

 His first taste of yummy chocolate cake

Snuggled up with Mommy as we sang "Happy Birthday"
 Family kisses
 My beautiful Aunt Clair and her son, Ryan

Play time with my little man!  
 Can't get over the beauty (inside and out) of these two sisters!  Blessed to call them family.
 They took a photo with every guest and Andrew and will put personalized notes from them under the pictures in a scrapbook!  What a great idea. 
 Callie will forever be Tony's "little girl."
 A mountain of gifts!

 Andrew trying to steal a cuddle on Callie's blankie
 Grandma Chandler loving on her little girl
 What a beautiful family!
 This moment captures their relationship perfectly... Matty will forever be Mom's baby.
 Andrew's "smash" cake.

 Play time with Aunt Ashley

 It's moments like this that make my life complete.

I love this... The boys both wore the same birthday hat and bib.  A side-by-side comparison of the two brothers!  On the left- Andrew, the right-Matty.  My sweet nephews!

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