Wednesday, March 27

Callie 10 Months

Where has this last month gone?!  Seriously!  Callie is less than two months shy of a year old and I am SO not ready to be a momma to a toddler.  She is standing, walking with assistance, babbling like a girl after my own heart and oh-so inquisitive.  Homegirl is weighing in at a whopping 16lbs 3.5 oz (20th%) and 28 inches long (25th%). 

She adores books, balls, her pink car, puzzles, blankie, baths, paci, baby, and getting into absolutely everything. 

She now has a vocabulary of 7 words; Daddy (Dada), Mama, Kitty, hi, Gigi (Marsha), Nana (Jan), and Lala (Athena)!  If you include that she is using sign language to sign "milk" that would be 8 words!! I can't believe how much she's grown up.  Even her pictures make her look like a little girl! 

She still has only two teeth but with her demeanor lately I am convinced there are more on the way.  She's still nursing (air-fiving myself because, let's face it, making it to 10 months is quite a feat!) and is eating two solid (and when I say solid I mean pureed) meals a day. 

My very favorite thing in the whole wide world that she does is sing.  If I'm singing or talking in a sweet high voice she will mimic it and my heart melts to mush every single time.  Here are a few of her 10 month pictures. She gets increasingly more difficult to photograph every month, little toot!

 I'm thinkin' she could get away with just about anything with those eyes... just don't tell her I said so.

 I adore this picture because it displays Callie to a T... She's our little inspector!

Birthday party plans are in full swing (even though I'm in denial) and I am really looking forward to making it a special day for her, even if she won't have any recollection later! To say we adore her is an absolute understatement... She is our life and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Love you little Callie Bird!!! 

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