Monday, February 17

29 Weeks with Kellan

How far along:  29 weeks 6 days (in the picture)
Total Weight Gain/Loss
: 16 lbs

Maternity clothes: Maternity leggings and lots of over-sized t-shirts.
Stretch marks: Still managing to keep them at bay.

Sleep: I wake up about 1-2 times a night for a restroom break, but other than that I sleep like a rock.  Some belly pain/contractions have been waking me up a little more frequently this week, though.
Best moment last week: This week was Valentine's Day!  Josh was INCREDIBLE, he started the day by making Callie and I breakfast before he went to work.  That night he came home and got busy in the kitchen, not letting me see what he was up to.  He made me a steak dinner with my favorites and even tried his hands at dipping strawberries!  We exchanged cards and gifts, I got a brand new game (the nerd in me says, eeek!!) and some insanely good chocolates (Fran's Chocolates) and he got a brand new Elvis Andrus bobble head for his desk at work.  We had a great day spoiling Callie, too!
Movement: Hiccups, kicks, rolls... you name it this kid does it.  He's a strong little guy!
 Food cravings: Still no cravings. 
Gender: BOY!!!  

Labor signs: Lots and lots and LOTS of contractions/pain.  Just thrilled to have made it this far!  We've already proved 1 fFN test wrong and tomorrow we will have proved another wrong.  God is so good! 

Belly button - in or out? The top part is officially out now :)

What I miss:  Being able to roll over in bed without causing excruciating pain and exhaustion.

What I am looking forward to: Baby shower is this weekend!
 Milestones:  Sweet boy is putting on more weight everyday and those lungs are getting more and more developed. 

Some of my favorite family pictures from this week:
Sweet girl on Valentine's Day
Our delicious Valentine's meal
Some very rare snuggles from little miss independent after she played her heart out at a birthday party with Daddy
More nursery details are finally coming together!  My mother in law has a friend who painted these for us!  Didn't she do an incredible job?

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Denise Keegan said...

Nicki, I just came across your blog on pinterest. I too have issues with my cervix and had a corrective surgery in order to slim my chances of premterm labor. Because of the surgery that I had at 13w2d pregnant, I was able to hold my daughter until 37 weeks. I haven't kept up with my blog, but she is now 6 months old and doing absolutely amazing. If you want to read a little but about my story and the procedure, you can do so at this link. Praying for you and you are doing great. :)

Denise Keegan said...
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Denise Keegan said...

This one is more informative actually. :)