Wednesday, February 12

Trying New Things

Being on full bed rest has introduced so many new emotions into this pregnancy.  With the help of some very special friends and family members I have been able to tackle the past four weeks with very little grumbling.  But it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain a positive attitude with all of the emotional and physical struggles that have reared their ugly heads lately. 

It's difficult to find a healthy balance between watching TV, reading, spending (quality) time with Callie, time with the Lord, etc... and unbelievably frustrating to be limited in the physical activities I can participate in.  Basically, if I can do it lying down then it's okay (minus the very obvious adult activity that can be done laying down... Arg!  Pelvic rest is AWFUL).  I've already completed the Divergent trilogy, watched entire seasons of shows I've been dying to see, dabbled in some crafting for my Etsy site, and spent countless hours surfing Pinterest the web.  Needless to say, I have been searching for something NEW to occupy some of my time that would bring focus and a new challenge.  

After some wonderful encouragement from some friends I've decided to attempt to tackle the art of crochet!  Callie is about to go down for her first nap of the day and I have my brand new tools (thanks to a coworker of my mom's), and practice yarn all ready to go.  I'll be using this tutorial to start with and then, hopefully, will venture out into some patterns and youtube videos to make a blanket for Kellan.  I would absolutely LOVE to be able to turn the TV off and dive into something that has nothing to do with technology for an hour or so.  
Have any of you successfully taught yourself to crochet?  I'd love to hear your stories, suggestions and successes.  Welp, here goes nothing!  Wish me luck!!!

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