Wednesday, June 18

Kellan Joshua - 3 Months

This little cutie just turned 3 months on the 14th!  Boy is he becoming sweeter than sugar!!!  Here's a little bit about his third month....

Weight: Roughly 11 lbs even.  We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month so I had to do my best with our home scale.
Height: 22 inches - again this could be a little off because I was the one to do it :)
Head circumference: ??
Percentile: ??
Eating schedule:  You're nursing every 3-4 hours for 8-20 minutes. 
Sleep:  This month you gave Mommy her first full night of sleep!  On June 4th you slept 8 hours... It was glorious - minus the insanely painful rocks on my chest in the morning.  19 ounces and a nursing session later I felt much, much better.  After that one night you went back to waking up once around 2:00 or 4:00 am. 
Favorite things: You're starting to discover your voice and it's flipping adorable.  Little coo's or attempts at fake crying are the cutest things ever.  Your little eyes follow anything around you, especially when your sister is trying to show you one of her many Mickey toys.  Mommy can kiss your chubby cheeks and a smile appears 9 times out of 10.  Mommas boy?  I think yes.
Milestones: Slept through the night (once).  More awake/alert during the day.
Clothing/Diaper size: 0-3 months and 3 months.  Size 1 diaper.  Although you desperately need to be upgraded to a two, but I refuse to make the move until we've used up the current 1's we have! Call me cheap frugal. :)

Here are some of Kellan's 3 month photos courtesy of Mommy :)
Onesie // Tumbleweed TexStyles

And of course, some of my favorite IG pictures from the month.  You can follow me if you'd like! NickiLynne15

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