Sunday, August 10

Kellan Joshua - 4 Months

So I realize this post is a tad late considering little man will be 5 months this week, but as I've always said, better late than never! 
You are ALL boy, full of stinky smells, silly sounds and are really packing on the pounds! Your favorite thing is to lay on the couch and watch the ceiling fan, you'll talk to it and laugh at yourself... it's ADORABLE!! We've been blessed with another great sleeper, most nights you're sleeping 8-10 hours! HALLELUJAH! This month you even rolled from your tummy to your back... So many changes! We love you Bubba!
Weight: 13 lbs, 13 oz
Height: 24 inches
Head circumference: 40.5 cm
Percentile: 25th (combined)
Eating schedule:  You're nursing every 3-4 hours for 8-20 minutes. 
Sleep:  Holy moly have you become an incredible sleeper!  Naps during the day are usually about 2 hours long and there is typically one in the morning and one in the late afternoon.  I haven't gotten you on a strict schedule yet, but I'm trying. :)  You're also sleeping 9-12 hours at night which is a total blessing!!!!!
Favorite things: You've become a lot more social and love talking to anyone who will put their face next to yours.  Your neck control is much better and you love spending time in your baby Einstein jumper.  Hands down, though your favorite thing is a ceiling fan.  You can sit and talk to the fan in the living room for hours, just smiling and cooing away at it.  Super adorable. 
Milestones: Much more alert and are responding to certain people with smiles and lots of funny faces.
Clothing/Diaper size:You're wearing 3 month clothes for the most part with some 0-3 from Old Navy still fitting really well.  Size 2 diapers.  
Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month!  I love you Kellan!!!! 

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