Saturday, January 10

Long time, no see!

Needless to say, I am slightly ashamed of the length of time that has slipped by since my last post!  I cannot believe how long it has been.  

I went back to work teaching full time after 8 months off (bed rest and maternity leave), and to say it has been an adjustment would be the understatement of the century.  This year I was moved up from kindergarten to first grade, looping with my kids from last year.  It was so great to see their happy faces when they showed up on the first day of school to see I was their teacher again.  For the most part, it is the same class, but there are about 5 that left and then 10 new ones added in the mix.  It has been a very rough adjustment for me.  Spending all of that time at home with my precious angels and then having to say goodbye to them so abruptly really took its toll on me.

My class is truly wonderful, but there have been a lot of new challenges I have never had to face before and it has made everything just that much more stressful.  It's taken all I have in me just to make it through each day.  God has blessed me with a job doing something I love, and it is only because of HIS grace and HIS strength that I've been able to complete the first semester. All of that to say, I am sorry for my huge leave of absence in blogging, but I'm thrilled to say, I'm Baaaaack!  

My last post was Kellan's 4 month update.  Eesh... Kid is now nearing the 10 month mark and I've already started planning for his first birthday!  Truly, where does the time go??  Here are a few pictures from the past few months of our little man.  He has grown like a weed and is already surpassing his sister's one year weight by leaps and bounds.  Kellan is ALL boy, and I couldn't love him more.  I wish there were more pictures of Callie, but she is a two year old FULL of personality and energy who loathes standing still for more than .5 seconds...

~*~ 5 months ~*~

"What an incredible month it has been! We went on our first family vacation and you experienced the beach for the very first time. You're a wonderful sleeper and eater and have become so alert and love to interact with us. Those dimples are going to be the death of me! Same with your cheeks and lashes. You are SUPER talkative and love when we sing to you or put our faces right by yours. You are definitely my snuggle bug and LOVE to be held and played with. Unfortunately you had your first illness this month, but you battled through it like a trooper. We love you Kellan!"


~*~ 6 months ~*~

"Your smile brightens every room and those baby blues melt me completely. You LOVE to snuggle and Mommy hopes you always will. You are still a quiet little guy unless you get excited and then the whole world can hear your happy squeals. Callie is the ONLY one who can get you to belly laugh. You love her more than anything. We started solids this week and your little shiver after each bite makes us giggle. We adore you, more than ever, Kellan!"

~*~ 7 Months ~*~

 "You're such a relaxed little guy, full of smiles, fun sounds and LOTS of snuggles. You adore your big sister, and she adores you fully in return. We are so proud of how big and healthy you've become! At 16 and 1/2 pounds no one would ever know you were nearly two months early! We love you so much Bubba!!!"

~*~ Eight Months ~*~

"You're the most chill little dude, Kellan! Your favorite place to be is in mommy's arms snuggled up and smiling, you adore Callie (no surprise there) and eat food like a champ. Right now your favorite foods are pears and green beans/carrots. You've mastered sitting up by yourself and have even started scooting, but you HATE being on your belly, so crawling isn't in the near future. We think you'll just go straight to walking! This month you'll experience your first Thanksgiving and we cannot wait to start new traditions with you, Little Man. We adore you and are so thankful for your health and your sweet life. "

~*~ Nine Months ~*~

"You love to babble and are an expert with saying "Mama" and "Dada." You scoot everywhere, but haven't shown much interest in crawling yet. You'll do it when you're ready! We love watching the way you explore the world around you, always watching, always taking things in. You continue to adore your sister and are particularly loving this new season of Christmas. The lights and the wonder have a way of lighting up your beautiful blue eyes. Still no teeth for you, but mommy isn't complaining since you still nurse like a champ. You adore food of all kinds, especially chicken/potatoes and pears, or anything with carrots. We love you little man! "

That pretty much catches us up to now! Our Christmas was such an incredible, magical time for our family this year.  Watching it through their eyes has been like nothing I've ever felt before.  They are so full of wonder and excitement with each light, present and new kind of food.  Here are a few of the pictures from the holiday.

One of my few New Year's Resolutions for 2015 is to make some time for blogging at least once a week, so hopefully I'll be seeing y'all shortly for more fun with the Morgans!  Thank you for hanging in there with me during my leave of absence, I'm looking to many more great memories yet to be made in the coming days and months!  Happy New Year!!!!  

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