Tuesday, January 20

Kellan Joshua - 10 Months

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a crawler!  For the past couple weeks, Kellan has been inching his way across his play areas by scooting on his tush or rolling around.  I saw glimpses of a "crawl" but nothing that screamed mover.  This past week he decided living a solitary life was overrated and found the drive to move, now he is everywhere and into everything and I LOVE IT! 
Another big milestone this month is his first tooth!  Yes, my kids are late bloomers in the dental department.  Callie got her first tooth at 9 months and Kellan at 10!  As a nursing mother, I am not complaining, but he's been ready to eat what we are eating for some time and it's hard not being able to give him what he wants, especially when he's such a good eater.  

He's wearing 9-12 month clothes, size 3 diapers and weighs in at a whopping 18 pounds.  The past month he and I have both been battling a whole slew of illnesses.  I broke down today and finally took him in for meds.  I tested positive for strep last week and he's being treated for an upper respiratory infection, so our house has been loads of fun.  Guess it's time to break out the lysol.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from his 10 month photo shoot.

This past Sunday was also my 29th birthday.  Everyone has had fun teasing me that it is my last year in my 20's.. but I'm still awesome.  I'm not sure if I'll ever feel my age, and I prefer to keep it that way.  We had a great, relaxing weekend.  Sunday morning, with all of the sick bugs going around our house, we decided to stay home from church and instead had my family over for birthday donuts and board games!  The kids are finally at an age where they can entertain themselves (for the most part) and for the first time ever we were able to play a full board game together!!  During the kids' nap time, my sister babysat while Josh took me shopping.  

We then finished the night at Ruth's Chris with awesome steak for our date night where I found a delicious onion ring the size of my face...

I feel very blessed to have been given the life I lead and birthdays do a great job reminding me that I was created for something bigger than me.  My life is not mine, but God's and knowing He has chosen me for something greater always brings excitement into my heart as I enter another year of life. 


She never sits still long enough to snap a picture, so when we get moments like this..... We snap, snap, snap!  <3 p="">

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