Tuesday, February 16

Chase's 26th Birthday

This past Saturday Josh and I were invited to spend time with close friends at Chase's 26th Birthday party.  Josh and Chase have been close friends since high school and were roomates through college.  We all headed over to Chase and Leslie's house for some BBQ, I was really excited because I hadn't had the privelage of seeing their new home yet.  It's such a beautiful house and Leslie has really done a fantastic job with decorating.  It got me so eager to do more at our house!




After dinner the guys all headed in the back yard to sit around the fire and chat.  While they were outside they spotted an owl pearched on the fence so Josh called me out to grab a picture.

Upon further review of the photo we realized the little thing had a big ol' dead dove in it's grip!

We also took the opportunity to snap a quick picture of all of the guys outside.

While the guys were outside, Hillary, Leslie and I stayed warm inside chatting the night away.  It was SO refreshing getting to talk with two very incredible women, I went home with a big smile on my face, so thankful for the chance to get to spend time with such great people.  
Chase, I hope you had a great birthday that you'll remember always.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

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