Tuesday, February 9

It's February already?

Boy how time flies. 

I've really dropped the ball with updating my blog this past week!  Here's a little life update for y'all.

The last weekend in Janaury Josh was supposed to go on his hunting trip with Chase, but the weather had a different idea and brought snow to the panhandle postponing their trip another week.  That Saturday night I drove out to Lewisville to spend some time with my girls.  Jami and Kristi both live in the same apartment complex in Lewisville and Angie lives in Roenoke which is about 30 minutes or so away.  We spent some time hanging out and catching up and then headed to the movie "When in Rome." 

It was supposed to be a cute and funny classic chick flick... But it failed miserably.  It was Jami, Jaclyn, Angie, Kristi and myself and NONE of us enjoyed the movie.  It was as if they tried way too hard to make it current and funny but it just turned out tacky and poorly acted.  The only reason we stuck through the entire movie was so that we could keep staring at Josh  Duhamel... Num num num...

He's no Josh Morgan, but he sure is easy on the eyes.
After the sub par movie we headed over to dinner.  BJ's had an almost 2 hour wait so we went to Fred's bar and grill.  The food was decent but mostly it was nice just to spend some time with friends catching up on our lives.  I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to be up early the next morning to sing at church.

This past weekend Josh headed to Floydada, Texas with Chase for their hunting trip.  I took advantage of the free time and spent Friday night with my family.  My dad had been in Singapore for work over the past week and surprised us all by coming home early, we spent the night catching up and playing a few games of Racko.  Saturday I caught up on chores around the house, even finished decorating our master bath (pictures to come)!  That afternoon I headed back to my parent's house to help finish decorating my sister's bedroom.  She is now 13 (almost 14, scary!) and has developed an incredible fashion sense and wanted her bedroom to refelct that.  I'll post pictures of that soon, too!  I've really dropped the ball lately!

That night I made dinner for my family and Shelley and then spent the rest of the night playing Wii games and hearts.  Mom pulled out a win by shooting the moon on the last hand, none of us saw that coming.  Way to go, Mom!

Sunday I went to church and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at home waiting for Josh to get home.  After he was back and all settled in we turned on the Super Bowl and started dinner.  We made homemade cheeseburgers and french fries,  I was really surprised with how well it all turned out. It was just nice to have him home!  

With all of that being said, these past two weeks have been great.  Work is flying right on by and we're really enjoying our weekends.  The house is slowly coming together ( I should probably add some pictures of that here soon, too!) and we're really enjoying being married.  This weekend will be our first Valentines Day as husband and wife, we have a busy weekend planned but are going to go on a special dinner date Sunday night.  Be sure to check back for an update!
One last thing.... I've had a few people mention to me that they tried to comment on these blogs and haven't been able to.  Is anyone else having this problem?  If you're able, would you please post a comment on this blog so that I can make sure the settings aren't all screwed up?  That would be much appreciated!  Thanks again for taking the time to keep up with our lives, we love you all!

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