Tuesday, February 23

A mostly lazy, wonderful weekend

This past weekend was much needed for me.  I've been feeling like a walking zombie lately, tired all of the time, unmotivated and lazy!  Last Thursday morning I woke up and felt as if my eye lids were glued together, I was so exhausted that I couldn't even get out of bed.  So this past weekend I tried to do as little as possible.

Friday after work I headed out to McKinney, TX to spend the evening with my friend Hillary.  She just happens to be a phenominal photographer who has done several photo shoots for me over the years (see pictures below).  You can see more of her work on her website and blog.

She really is an incredible photographer and we have SO much fun shooting together and playing with ideas.  So this past Friday we got together to take some Bridals of me in my wedding dress.  
I totally said that I would NEVER be that girl who got married and put on weight, because hello, why does being married have to change that?!  Well, here I am almost 4 months into marriage and guess who's 5lbs heavier.  Yup!  ME!  Needless to say my dress was a little tighter than the last time I had it on, but I sucked it up, squeezed myself in and we headed out to some really fun locations.  It was a pretty chilly afternoon and the sky was overcast and gray, but I think the locations really played off of that well.  Charlie even got to tag along and was able to take some pictures with me as well! 

The first location was in this huge field with a larger than life, lone-ranger tree in the middle.  It was all surrounded by these tall twigs that formed a maze around the tree.  It was fun making our way into the twiggy abyss, unfortunately I have several bug bites on my feet and legs to show for it.  SO WORTH IT.  

The next location was this little vineyard near her house.  There were beautiful stone archways and winding paths, it was a very storybook-looking place and I loved it!  I was pretty self conscious the whole shoot, hoping that the skin on my back wasn't hanging over the dress, that my chest was concealed correctly, and that my arms didn't come across lookin soft.  :)  BUT, I know that Hillary has a great eye and as a professional and as my friend she wouldn't have let me go out looking a mess.  I'm really looking forward to seeing some images from our little session, it was a little short lived, but we did what we could with what we had!  

After our shoot we headed to dinner and spent the evening chatting away.  She is such a breath of fresh air in my life, so honest, loving and selfless and I absolutely love every moment we spend together.  I knew the night was coming to an end when in my tiredness, during a brief moment of silence, I shouted out, "NOODLE!"  She had a little noodle she was poking around with her fork and somehow that was, to me, important.  We laughed for about five minutes and then every ten minutes after that.  It was a wonderful evening.

There was, however, one downfall to our time together.  At our first location, as I was getting out of the car in my oversized wedding gown with a dog, a purse, and other random things in my hand, my iPhone plummeted to the ground, smashing into the concrete. It had finally had enough abuse and the screen shattered.  I looked down and said, "Well that stinks..." and we went on with our evening.


That night on the way home, about 3 miles from our house, I was driving on a back road when out of nowhere a suicidal skunk walked out and jumped in front of my car.  I saw him waddling across the center stripes and then... CRUUUUUUUUNCH.  It was the first time I had ever hit an animal on the road.  I almost cried.  Seriously.  I got home and walked inside with a pout on my face, Josh looked at me with his nose all wrinkled up and said, "YOU STINK!"  Turns out the skunk left me with a bit of a present, my car too!  So I pulled my car out of the garage to keep it from getting stinky and hopped in the shower.  Today the car and myself are all stink free.  I still feel bad for the skunk.  (Oh- and don't worry... I didn't take any pictures of the little guy, may he rest in peace).

Saturday morning I slept in until I just couldn't sleep anymore, then proceeded to stay in bed watching TV.  Josh was such an amazing husband, bringing me some doughnuts (that I had been craving) to me in bed.  Eventually I rolled out bed and went on a quest with Mom to try and fix my iPhone.  I ended up having to buy a new one since the shards of screen were coming loose and falling out.  It was still a good afternoon though because I got to spend it with my momma!  That evening Josh and I had date night and went to Outback for some delicious food, he is the best date.  :)

Sunday morning after singing at church Josh and I grabbed some Chipotle and headed out to his first flag football game of the year. 

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was out and it was even a little warm!  About half way through the game, however, the clouds rolled out of nowhere, the wind began to gust and the cold returned.  His team won by a landslide, I was so proud.  We enjoyed the rest of our weekend relaxing and finishing up some household chores.  It was wonderful getting to relax a bit- I'm hoping it will help me to feel less zombie-like this week.  So far, so good!

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Ashley Massie said...

I LOVE WHEN YOU WRITE! It is just like I am sitting right there next to you and were talking away. Tell your friend Hillary(?) that she has done an amazing job on the pictures! You look stunning and make me happy that I am a woman. Love you.! = Ash