Friday, June 25

Summer Hair Cut and New Camera

The other day I realized that I had not had a hair cut since November of last year!!  I decided it was time and this time I'd get a REAL haircut.  I've never been bold enough to go and get anything more than a trim.  Layers if I was feeling super daring.  But this time I went to see Heather- she is the stylist that did my hair for our wedding- and told her to freshen me up and make my hair match my personality.  She did a phenomenal job and I am uber happy with the end result! 

I also got a new toy in the mail the other day!  After being incredibly disgusted by the quality of the pictures my old Nikon point and shoot was taking Josh and I decided to get me something that would produce some better quality pictures.  We already have his DLSR so I just needed a good point and shoot.  We ended up going with the Canon Powershot SX210 IS.  I've been playing around with it over the past couple of days and it really takes some great photographs.  The true test will come when I'm inside in a low light setting, which is where most of my pictures take place anyway.  Here are a few shots I took the first day with my camera.  I still have a lot of playing around to do but I think I'll be very happy with the purchase. :)

Here's the camera right after I opened it.... I was so excited!
A few pictures...

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