Thursday, September 23

Melanie's Baby Shower

It seems like just yesterday I was telling y'all the exciting news about my bother and his wife Melanie finding out they were pregnant. 

It's been such a blessing having them here in Texas with us.  Getting to watch Melanie grow from a tiny baby bump to where she is now has been so much fun.  I'm not really the type of person who walks up to a pregnant woman and touches her belly, it's a little weird, but this situation is TOTALLY different.  This is my nephew!  So I warned Mel in the beginning that I'd be talking to her belly quite a bit.  I've actually gotten Matthew to believe that I'm his favorite aunt, AND he kicks in response.  How bout that?  :)

This past weekend we held a baby shower for Melanie at our home.  It was a blast and we had a great turn out.  I don't know what I would have done if Nikki hadn't been in town, she was such a great help with planning, prep and even clean up!  She really made the party a breeze. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.  Melanie has about three weeks left until she is full term.  We're hoping for a 10-10-10 baby!  I cannot wait to meet my little nephew and actually get to hold him in my arms.  He is sure to be the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen.

The diaper cake I made for Melanie :)
Nikki and me
We played a game where you couldn't say the word "baby" or someone got to take your clothes pin, Nikki and Athena were tied and trying to get Melanie to say the word, it was hilarious!  

Athena: "Melanie, what are you about to have?"
Melanie: "A.... Bbbbbbboy."
Nikki: "What does your balloon say?"
Melanie: "That I'm having a child."

HAHHA, what a fun day!

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