Wednesday, September 1

One Year Creeping Up Quickly

I cannot believe that our one year wedding anniversary is just around the corner.  It seems like just yesterday that he proposed to me under that beautiful pecan tree on his grandparent's land. 

In celebration of making it through the first year (everyone says it's the most difficult, and there have been moments where I've seen why!) we are booking a trip!  We will be flying (courtesy of my amazing parents) to Destin, Florida for 6 days in October and will celebrate our actual anniversary on the white sand beaches! 
 The beach of our resort
 The resort at night

Josh has been to Destin several times over the years with his family but this will be my first trip and I am so excited.  It will also be our first vacation together since our honeymoon! 

Other than that, not too much has changed in the Morgan household.  My sweet momma had surgery this past Friday to have her gall bladder removed and has recovered like a champ.  My sister in law is in her eighth month of pregnancy and I cannot wait for that little guy to get here.  I'm sure Melanie is ready, too, as I am constantly kissing and loving on her belly.  I told her she has free reign to do so and more to me when my time comes around.  :)  The other day I was kissing the belly and telling Matty hello and I loved him, that I was his favorite Aunt and he kicked!  Three times!!!  I was overjoyed.  I think it's because he loves me, I'm sure my brother would say he was just kicking to shut me up so he could go back to sleep.  Either way, he'll be here soon and we are just praying for a safe rest of the pregnancy for mom and baby.  Prayers are always appreciated!

Mel and I went shopping for some maternity clothes and had some fun in the dressing room...

Until next time... Stay blessed and thank you SOOOOO much for keeping up with our crazy lives. :)

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