Sunday, November 14

Brooke Fraser Concert

Back in August I was wasting some time reading everyone's tweets on Twitter when I stumbled across one of Brooke Fraser's posts saying her tour was coming to Dallas.  For those of you who don't know who Brooke is go to iTunes and download all of her albums ASAP.  She is one of my biggest inspirations for music.  As soon as I saw that news I yelled to Josh in the other room that I was going to pre-order tickets.

This past Friday night Josh and I drove out to Dallas to see her perform.  We ended up making a whole evening out of it and had so much fun.

To avoid traffic we left around 4:00 and drove to the Galleria to do some shopping and waste some time before the concert.  I was craving Mexican food and was SO excited when we spotted a Mi Cocina inside of the mall.  The food was incredible, I could eat their chicken tortilla soup every single day.  After dinner we made the drive to the House of Blues.

This was my first visit ever to the House of Blues and it was an awesome experience.  We got there so early that we ended up being first in line outside.  It was freezing cold and I was so tired of standing but I knew that it was worth it.  Josh stood there by my side in a crowd of young women (mostly) and kept a loving smile on his face the entire time.

FINALLY, after waiting for nearly two hours we were inside and waiting for the show to start.  Her opening act was actually pretty good.  The whole crowd was a little shocked when the singer dropped a few F bombs in one of his songs, but their stage presence was awesome.  After their set the stage crew prepped everything for Brooke as we all continued to stand waiting.

The whole room erupted with excitement when her band members walked on stage and began to play, every eye was on the door as we all anxiously awaited Brooke to join them on stage.  The atmosphere was incredible.  She came onto stage and the whole room sang with her.  We were asked not to take photos or videos prior to the show, I did my best to restrain but I couldn't help but to snap a few pictures and get a short clip of her singing one of my favorite songs.

At the end of the night Brooke came out to sign autographs and meet her fans.  While in line Josh spotted his cousin whom he hadn't seen in nearly 5 years.  After getting to meet Brooke and having her sign my ticket and one of my guitar picks, Josh and I spent a good half hour catching up with Matt.  He's a wonderful performer and some of you may have heard of his band, The Matt Wheeler Band.  A few minutes later Kari Jobe comes running past me and plopped down on a couch with one of her friends.  Matt laughed and said, ahh that's Kari... With big eyes and my mouth wide open I looked her direction and said, Kari JOBE!?  Haha, I am such a dork. Anyway, the night was amazing and I am so thankful that we were able to go.  I really am thankful for Josh, too.  Concerts aren't really his thing, but he stood by me the entire night with a smile on his face and he even ended up having a great time! 

I cannot wait to see her live again.  Hopefully sooner than later!

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