Sunday, January 8

17 Weeks

This past week flew by!  Monday was my first day back to school after Christmas break.  On Tuesday my lightheadedness and dizzy spells got the best of me when I nearly passed out during a lesson.  Doctor's orders sent me home to rest.  On Wednesday I drove up to the hospital for some blood work, they're testing for anemia at this point in time.  This sweet little bundle of joy sure has brought a lot of interesting difficulties!  Luckily it will all be worth it in the  end.  

Only 10 more days until we find out what we're having!  

I borrowed this pregnancy update from a friend... It's a fun way to keep y'all updated without having to bore you with all of my blabbing. :) 

how far along? 17 weeks 
how are you measuring? Last we checked the baby was measuring a week ahead
size of baby? around 5.1 inches or the size of an onion
heartbeat? The last time we checked it was 144bmp
total weight gain/loss? So far I have gained 6 pounds.
stretch marks? No
sleep? I LOVE being pregnant because I am tired all of the time which  makes sleep that much easier {minus the midnight potty trips}
best moment this week? Feeling Baby M moving around!
movement? Yes!!!  I was holding a friend's baby one evening and my little one kicked it! 
food cravings? No cravings at all.
gender predictions? Currently I am convinced that we're having a boy.
what i miss: Red WINE!
what i'm looking forward to: Getting through this week so we can finally know if we're having a boy or a girl!
how are you feeling? Not terrible, but the headaches and lightheadedness have been pretty brutal.

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