Monday, January 16

Week 18

This past week was quite uneventful.  I finished up the first semester of teaching with some extra long work hours and attempting to catch up on sleep and time with family.  Here's an updated pregnancy questionnaire. :)

how far along? 18 weeks
how are you measuring? Last we checked the baby was measuring a week ahead
size of baby? Around 5.6 inches - the size of a sweet potato 
heartbeat? The last time we checked it was 144bmp
total weight gain/loss? Still around 6 lbs
stretch marks? Not yet, hoping never!
sleep? Can't seem to get enough.
best moment this week? Still loving all of the movements from the baby.
movement? Yes
food cravings? Sweet and salty this week.
gender predictions? Still think it's a boy... We'll find out 1.18!
what i miss: My body...
what i'm looking forward to: Finding out if we're having a he or a she.
how are you feeling? still having a lot of dizziness, I was diagnosed with pregnancy anemia this past week.  Add to that the intense pain in my pelvic bone {apparently due to my hips spreading out} ahhh the joys of pregnancy! 

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