Sunday, January 22

19 Weeks

What a week!!!  So many changes took place over the past week.  Monday was a holiday for school so I enjoyed the day off at home relaxing. Tuesday was a teacher work day which was MUCH needed and Wednesday was the day we'd been waiting for all of these weeks.

Wednesday, my 26th birthday, we went in for our 19 week anatomy sonogram and after some hopping up and down and jiggling of my belly, Baby M cooperated and we got to see what we were having.  The sonographer sat staring at the screen for what seemed like ten minutes then finally pointed and said these six little words that changed my world forever... "You see those three little dots?"  I knew exactly what that meant, we were having a little baby GIRL!!!!  Now, I would've been very happy regardless of the outcome, but that girly side of me deep down was secretly hoping for a girl.  The instant she said those words tears were streaming down my face.

{Callie Marie}

We had to keep a secret for the next two days in order to keep the big news a surprise for our gender reveal / my birthday party. :)  We had friends and family over for dessert and had fun teasing everyone with our little secret.  Guests got to sign their guess on a scrapbook page for Callie's baby book and then pick a mustache or lips to use in pictures!  When everyone had finally arrived we handed gifts to our parents.  They opened them together and a big pink balloon popped out!  The reactions were priceless...




{The big reveal!}

how far along? 19 weeks
how are you measuring? She's measuring right on schedule
size of baby? Around 6 inches - the size of a mango 
heartbeat? 137 bpm
total weight gain/loss? 8 lbs
stretch marks? Not yet, hoping never!
sleep? Can't seem to get enough.
best moment this week? Finding out that we're having a baby girl.  I felt her kick on the outside for the first time AND Josh felt her kick for the first time.  What a week!
movement? Yes
food cravings? CARBS
what i'm looking forward to: Continuing to decorate her nursery.
how are you feeling? Feeling pretty good this week.  VERY exhausted even after full nights of rest.  She is sitting very low so I'm having a lot of pelvic pain but she is SO worth it. :)

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cal+claire said...

Congratulations! I am so so happy for y'all and know that God is really blessing your family. Get as much sleep as you can now because once you get towards the end it'll be harder to come by for sure! Pillows!