Monday, May 27

Callie turns ONE!

Callie  Bug's birthday has come and gone, my angel is now officially a year old.  I wanted to write down a few things, including all about her big party, before the details slipped my memory!

Her birthday party was Saturday, May 11, 2013.  That morning, around 3:30 am, Josh woke up with a righteous stomach ache.  At 6:00 I couldn't sleep any longer.  There was too much on my to do list and not enough time "to do" it in.  When I got up I realized that Josh still wasn't feeling well.  I told him to stay in bed while I got some things done and went into full on mommy mode. 

Luckily my two incredible friends had planned on coming in early to get some extra Callie time and help set up for the party.  Looking back, I wouldn't have been able to pull it all together if it hadn't been for them.  I finished prepping the decorations and laid out all of the stuff for food and then quickly scurried off to take a shower.  Lucky for me, Callie is a great napper and was busy snoozing away in her swing while I got everything done.  I realized after my shower that Josh was going to be completely out of commission.  The poor guy couldn't even move from the bed to the bathroom to throw up and was getting no relief from said throwing up.  I've never seen him like this, he was literally green in the face.  At this point I called for backup... my lovely momma.  She was able to leave a little early and run by the store for some last minute items, and once again, saved the day. 

The rest of the morning is a complete blur. I think I had two panic attacks realizing that there was a lot that wasn't going to be finished before guests arrived, but my lovely friends, Jami and Angie, reassured me and reminded me that no one would know, and this was all about Callie anyway!  I seriously count my lucky stars for the incredible friendships God has blessed me with.  Looking back, the party was a great success.  Josh was able to muster the strength to come out for about 30 minutes before he had to retreat back into hiding, it was so hard to see the pain in his eyes knowing he was missing his daughter's first birthday party... my heart broke for him. 

We had about 30 or so guests over to our house for food (caprese burger bites, grilled cheese, pigs in a blanket) and dessert (cupcakes, animal cookie truffles, chocolate covered pretzels).  We blew up a kiddie pool and loaded it with balls for a makeshift ball pit which was a HUGE success with all of the kids.  The canopy was thrown up in the back along with some seating and a picnic table.  It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day, we couldn't have asked for better weather! 

Callie had so much fun watching all of the people talk and play and enjoyed her first taste of Miss D-Berry's punch!  After a while we let her go crazy opening presents, which she actually loved!  She'd open it up, pull out the treasure and then look at me to give her the next one.  Typical woman.  :)  Once presents were opened we made our way outside for the cake smash. 

Now, I had this great moment planned out in my head; I thought we'd put the cake down in front of Callie and she'd go bananas trying to shove the delicious, sugary treat into her mouth... That so didn't happen.  The bad thing about plans is that they usually don't go the way you want them to. She loved everyone standing around her singing happy birthday, but when we let her go to get into her cake she wanted nothing to do with it.  My little princess dipped her pointer finger into the icing and then promptly tried to shake it off.  Little miss doesn't like to get dirty (just like Momma).  We attempted to put the icing in her mouth, which just resulted in a lot of drool and a sour face.... Eventually we gave up and called it quits.  Maybe next year she'll be more into the sweets. 

On her actual birthday we met up with family for dinner and celebrated, just the three of us, at home before bed.  The year completely flew by and I can't imagine life without her in our lives.  She has made our marriage stronger and given me the one thing I've dreamed of since I was a little girl-the chance to be a mommy.  No words will ever be powerful enough to describe my joy, thankfulness, and pride in my daughter. 

 Callie on her actual birthday May 14, 2013

 Right before this picture (below) was taken, Callie looked up and saw her very first bird!  She watched it and then threw her hands up over her head when it flew over her... It was hilarious!!!

 Callie and Mommy at her birthday party

 My beautiful grandmother
 Two of the best friends anyone could have ever asked for

 Loving all of her birthday gifts!  Yes... this was all from her party!!!!
 Callie on her actual birthday (morning)
 Birthday pancakes mommy made!


cal+claire said...

So fun! She looks beautiful. Aren't first birthdays so fun?

Nicki Morgan said...

Thanks! Yes, it was definitely fun, but I went and made it way too stressful. I enjoyed her actual day of birth much more. :)

Angela Rollins said...

I had a great time at her birthday!!! I am so happy we were able to help out :) can't wait to see you on June 8th for volleyball!

Joanna Quintanilla-Rosa said...

Hi great party. I love your pool idea and since my sons first birthday is coming up In January I am thinking of doing the same thing. My question is where did you get the different color balls for the pool?

Stephanie said...

Hi! I would also love to know where you got the colorful balls from!

Nicki Morgan said...


Jamie said...

I am doing the ball pit for my sons 1st birthday at the end of the month. Do you know how many balls it took to fill the pool?

Britni Vadnais said...

I want to find how many ball you used too for the ball pit pool... thank yoU!

Barbara said...

I'd also like to know how many balls you used for the pool pit. Thanks!