Tuesday, May 28

Memorial Day Weekend

 This past Memorial Day Weekend was much enjoyed with family and friends.  We really enjoyed relaxing at home, lots of (much needed) naps and time with our families.  Here is our weekend in pictures...
Kinsley enjoying a ride in the car

 My beautiful niece

 Love him.

 Callie's buddy, Daphne, enjoying the weather

 Don't even think about messing with these girls' vanilla wafers... They'll cut you.

Oh.... And I decided a hair cut was long overdue!  Back to short and LOVING it.
Spent an afternoon at my cousin's birthday party at a fire station.  So cool!
I had way too much fun with new swimsuits and playing with Callie's headbands... I'll miss my long locks but the only time I actually liked my hair was when it was curled and that was only once a week, so short it is!  Welcome Summer.. I am ready for you.  6 days left of school! 

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cal+claire said...

You can make it 6 more days, I believe in you! Cute pictures!