Sunday, May 5

Flash Backs

My baby sister just attended her first prom... I am officially old. 

Athena is a Junior at NCA and will be 17 next week!  My heart is filled with joy when I think back on the 17 year old version of myself.  Josh had entered my life and was taking me on our first date (my 17th birthday) where we went downtown to see The Lord of The Rings (I think the second one) where he even let me wear his coat!  The fun thing is, he still gives me those butterflies today! 

I spent the evening with my sister and her friends snapping photos to help preserve those precious memories for her.  Here are some of my favorites! 

Typical Athena...
 Had to make them do a "jumping pose"
 Athena and her date

 Oops, how'd this get in here (hehehe)
 The boys
 Athena's date.... and they are just friends! (but he's adorable)

 In front of the limo

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