Tuesday, July 9

This Life

Flipping through my feed on Instagram reminds me how blessed we truly are to get to lead this life.  This summer is whirling by quickly and with it, memories are being made and cherished.  Here's a little bit of our summer in pictures! 

I started, and finished a great book that challenged my faith and priorities. 

Callie has had lots of playtime with her cousins


We've enjoyed wonderful evenings with friends and family
Played guitar
 We celebrated a wonderful Father's Day.  Callie was dedicated to the church on her first Father's Day and this year we were blessed to attend her cousin, Kinsley's dedication!  Shame on me... I didn't get a single picture! How special for these girls to get to grow up in such a wonderful, Christian environment! The picture below is of Callie wearing her Daddy's first pair of boots and the caption was "With every step I take, I try so hard to walk in your shoes."

We celebrated the Fourth of July with incredible friends and family at my mom's AMAZING pool.  
Callie's first Fourth of July compared to her second... My what a year can do!  
And let's not forget all of the snuggle times, nap times and enjoying the let's-do-nothing-but-sit-on-our-butt times. 

There are so many pictures that I am leaving out, but this summer has been an absolute blast so far.  I'm thankful to still have a few weeks left and can't wait to see what's in store.  My wonderful (favorite) niece is turning ONE this weekend and I cannot wait to celebrate her life with our amazing family.  Having a best friend for a sister in law has turned out to be really incredible and I am so glad the girls will have each other to grow up with.  :) Here's the picture her momma used for the invites... I was honored she asked me to take them!  

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