Wednesday, March 24

Ore City Weekend Trip

This past weekend Josh and I packed up our car and made our way out to East Texas to spend the weekend with our grandparents.  Papa has been in a rehab facility since the end of last summer and Mimi has recently been moved to an assisted living home.

Trips to Ore City used to mean four wheeling, fishing, hunting, swimming and spending great quality time with family.  These days we have to really prepare ourselves before arriving.  Seeing someone you love so dearly, someone who has always been a strong individual, lying helplessly in bed, hooked up to machines... It's just so difficult to see.  Papa's face always lights up when we walk in the room, he gets this incredible grin and his eyes sparkle and shine.  It makes my heart ache every single time.  We are struggling to avoid feelings of resentment and anger towards the doctors- it seems as if they have simply given up in hopes to make him healthy again.

Sitting in the room with Papa is peaceful.  We know that every moment spent with him is precious and it makes the emotional struggle a little less difficult.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  Pray for the doctor's knowledge and for continued effort in making him healthy, that they would not give up hope and that they will continue to work day and night to help make him better.  Pray for strength for Papa, for hope and peace.  And please pray for the Morgans and Peebles, I cannot even begin to fathom the toll it has been taking on them.  I've only known Papa for 7 years and it kills me.  I believe in the power of prayer with all of my heart, I know that God makes miracles happen everyday, all we can do is hope and pray that Papa will be one of those miracles.

We stayed with our other grandparents, Grammy and Peepaw, over the weekend.  It was so much fun getting to catch up and spend time with them.  Megan, our 7 year old cousin, was also around for the weekend and she always makes for some fun times.

Josh got a phone call from one of his childhood friend's dads while we were in town wanting to meet us for dinner one night.  So Saturday night we headed to Bodacious BBQ *THE BEST BBQ EVER* and I got the opportunity to meet this family.  Josh played baseball with Travis, their son, all throughout his childhood.  Travis' mom pulled out old photo albums and let me look through them, I loved seeing "little" Josh and getting to poke fun at his haircuts or tucked in shirts with high waisted shorts.  We spent the entire evening talking and it was past 9:00 before we knew it.

It was a good weekend overall, great moments with our family and reliving old times with friends.  We plan on visiting again soon, the more moments in life we spend with family, the better.  :)

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