Thursday, December 22

Baby Update

This has been quite the interesting week so far.  My first vacation in YEARS!  Having two weeks off for Christmas is such a wonderful blessing, and I decided to take full advantage of it.

Monday while getting out of bed I did something to my lower back.  I tried going through the day but it just continued to get worse, until I nearly feel outside of the Post Office in the pouring rain.  Tears budded up in my eyes as I grimaced in pain, as soon as I got to the car I had the doctor on the phone.  Our 15 week check up was scheduled for Tuesday but because of the intense pain they asked me to come in a day early. Josh took off work and drove me to our doctor where they let us hear the baby's heart rate (in the 150's) and he did an exam to make sure everything was okay.

We were relieved to hear that the baby was just fine and that the pain wasn't related.  If you remember reading my blog last year about a little health update, you'll recall the CT scan I had for abdominal pain which revealed a condition called spondylosis in my lumbar vertebrae.  I hadn't sought out physical therapy because I wasn't experiencing any pain in my lower back.  Now, as it turns out, they believe pregnancy has made the condition more prevalent.  I was ordered a few days of bed rest and some pain medicine.  Here it is, Thursday... I am still in bed and STILL having back pain and trouble walking.  No one wants to do X-Rays on a preggo lady so I'm stuck wondering what is wrong with my back and hoping that this bed rest does me some good.  It's extremely difficult to lay in bed when there is so much that needs to get done!  Especially the week before Christmas!  :)

On Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to have a sonogram done.  It was such a miracle to see our little active baby.  He / she measured in at 16 weeks, which is a little ahead of where we are now.  It was upside down and kicking and rolling over.  It even played with its umbilical cord.  I sat there with my eyes popped wide open and jaw hanging on the floor.  It was so amazing!!!  I could watch it all day long.  I was especially thrilled because my mom was able to be there!  She got to see the ultrasound first hand.  What a special moment!  Here are a few pictures from the appointment!   We go back in on January 18 (my birthday) to find out the sex of our little one!

Heart beat.  144bpm
 He/she is upside down, head on the bottom, spine on the left.
 Little hand on the left waving!
 Tiny foot at the top kicking away
 Sweet baby upside down again, if you look closely you can see eyes, nose and mouth!

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