Friday, December 30

Projects galore...

Josh and I went antique shopping yesterday.  We kept passing the Benbrook Antique Mall thinking, we should probably check that out sometime, and after two years we finally did.  Our mission consisted of two things; one: locating unique pieces of cobalt blue glass (for the collection inspired by my dad) and two: find antique picture frames to be refinished for the baby's room.

I was SO overwhelmed by how awesome this place was.  We've been to our fair share of antique stores and this one topped the cake.  The prices were a little high, but lucky for us we went right when they were having an end of the year sale.  We found several picture frames of varying sizes and textures all at really reasonable prices and splurged a bit {if you can call $29 a splurge} on an amazing mirror with shutters attached!  We also found three beautiful blue glass pieces to add to the collection.  I'd call the day a huge success.

Add to that, I was able to be out of bed all day waking around with little to no back pain!  We can thank my new chiropractor for that.  I've seen him twice now and he has really started working miracles on me.  It's amazing how out of whack my entire body was... I have a long way to go and am still experiencing back pain but I am thankful that at least now I'm able to get around!  I'll show that spondylosis who's boss yet!

Here are a few pictures of our treasures...  The picture frames are going to be hung on the wall above the dresser/changing table {which has still yet to be purchased} and will all be painted white!  I am SO excited to start this project!

Last night I was feeling artsy so I did a little water coloring.  That stuff is NOT as easy as it looks! Anyway, I came up with this little bird and hopefully it will be hung in one of the newly purchased frames!