Friday, December 23

Everything BABY!

Yes, I am going a little crazy.  But to my credit I haven't had ANY time to browse the web and get excited about baby "stuff."  I'm taking full advantage of this break and trying to explore as much as possible! :)

During my browsing I've found some things that I want to keep in mind as we think about registering and furnishing baby M's nursery.  We've already finished painting the room {for the most part} and have the crib {thanks to my sweet Momma!} and crib mattress.  At this point we are at a standstill to do much more until we know if we're having a he or a she.  :)

Here is the bedding we've chosen.  Pink is clearly for a girl and blue for a boy.  

Baby M's nursery (minus the mattress).  I guess if we HAD to decide on a theme it would be soft and cheek with a touch of whimsy.  
{We will be adding two birds, either pink or blue, and a nest w/ eggs once we know the gender}

I've found a diaper bag that I'm semi in love with.  Still browsing so if any of you experienced mommas have any advice I'd love to hear your thoughts!  
Next week I'll be borrowing my sweet momma's sewing machine to work on a few Pinterest projects for the nursery.  Since we're going to be painting birds on the wall with the tree mural I wanted to get more birds to put on shelves as decor.  Saw these beauties and HAVE to have them! 

This will also be one of the first projects I work on when we find out the gender of baby M.  
{Hint on names... The letter will either be a pink C or a blue N}

There is so much more buzzing around in my busy little brain, but this will do for now.  :)  My next projects include organizing the nursery closet!  Josh is really looking forward to me tackling that job. 


bmiller19 said...

Congratulations on the baby Nicki!!! Its crazy to believe that 12 years ago you used to baby sit me while my dad Joe Mudd went to work. I am happy to see that everything is well with you. I too am pregnant and we are expecting our little boy Aiden in about 9 days!! Pregnancy is truly gods blessing and it is a wonderful experience. I wouldnt change it for the world. I hope god continues to bless you and your family and may your pregnancy be smooth and healthy.

cal+claire said...

It'll go by faster than you think! Y'all are way ahead of us in set up (although I'm not going to be in school next semester so we'll have some time)!

Really enjoy this time!