Tuesday, March 13

Pinterest Has Taken Over

This week is my first spring break with no work since 2004!  I am really enjoying it so far.  Even though I brought plenty of work home with me I have been doing my best to relax and tackle some fun projects.

Today I started and finished a pillow cover for Callie's nursery.  The colors in her room are a soft Heather grey and baby pinks, so when I saw this pillow on Pinterest I had to repin it and give it a whirl.  I didn't quite get the desired look I was going for, but overall I'm quite pleased with myself!  Sewing is not something I've done much of, everything I know was taught to me by watching my mom or trial and error. :)

I think I'm addicted to sewing and baby projects though... We may need to have an intervention soon.

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