Thursday, June 13

DIY Top Knot Jersey Knit Headband

Okay, I had another request for a DIY tutorial so I figured I’d give it a go.  A friend of mine sent me a picture of some adorable headbands she saw online and asked if I could show her how to make them.  It just so happens that I’ve been secretly lusting over these beautiful little creations myself, but haven’t been able to find a tutorial anywhere and I’m way too cheap frugal to buy pre-made ones. 

I took a little trip to Hobby Lobby (where Callie decided she’d say “hi” to every single person we passed… at least once) and picked up some jersey knit material.  They were a little on the pricey side so I just got ¼ of a yard per color.  I was kinda disappointed in their selection; they really didn’t have much to choose from. 

Anyway, I spent an afternoon trying to figure it out and finally had some success.  This is just the way that I did it, and by no means am I a professional, so if you can find a way to do it better, go for it!

What you’ll need:

·      Jersey Knit material (or an old t-shirt that you want to upcycle)
·      Sewing machine
·      Thread
·      Paper
·      Straight pins
·      Scissors

Step 1:  You’ll want to cut the material.  I played with a lot of different lengths but found that (for my 12 month old) 22” X 5” worked the best. 

Step 2: After your material is cut, fold it in half (like a hotdog).  Be careful because this material likes to roll up on itself. 

Step 3: Take your piece of paper and using a round object from your house (I used one of Callie’s stacking cups) trace a semicircle onto the paper and cut it out.  This will be your guide for the ends of the fabric.  If you want a more pointed look, you can free hand that as well.  I like the rounded look for these headbands myself. 

Step 4: Using your paper guide, cut out the shape on both ends of your fabric.

Step 5: Pin your fabric in place.  This is totally optional; I skipped this part completely because I’m a little impatient…  Something I continually pray for. J 

Step 6: Sew the edges together.  I used a ¼ seam allowance but you can do whatever, just don’t get too close to the edge because this material tends to get sucked down into the sewing machine.  I also used a straight stitch instead of a zig-zag.   In the middle, skip over a little section of material (backstictch this or it will come apart when you turn it right-side-out).   If you skip this you won’t be able to turn the material right side out. 

Step 7: Trim the edges


Step 8: Turn the material right side out

Step 9: (Optional) You can hand stitch the little section that is left open if you so choose.  Because this material folds over onto itself, I just left the hole there; you really can’t see it when it’s on…

Step 10: Tie a square knot with the ends. 

Now you’re finished!  I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the way these little beauties turned out.  They’re very stretchy and comfortable, Callie didn’t mind wearing it one bit.  Feel free to play around with the width, too.  The smaller the width the thinner the headband will be.  You can find my sailor knot headbands now on sale in my etsy shop

Happy crafting!!  


carly jane said...

Thanks for the tutorial! How would you sew the hole if you wanted? My fabric doesn't fold over and hide it.

Kris said...

If you clip notches around the curved end it will lay more flat when you turn it right side out. Cut little "v's" around the curve being careful not to cut the thread!

Kimberly Gomez said...

Random question. I was looking at your Etsy shop noticed you're from Benbrook...? Tx? Great tutorial btw :)

Shelbey Kendall said...

I've made several of these for my baby girl and even though the sizing seems right the knot part always makes a little dent on her head no matter how much I mess with the sizing. Suggestions? Thanks!

Design It. your way said...

GREAT tutorial I will try it, I'm a beginner and looking for something to make. This is very helpful.

Lindsay Churton said...

This is a great tutorial, I'm definitely going to try this out. Thank you for posting!

Janelle Tibbo said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Love these headbands and can't wait to make some for my girl and niece! Just curious, how much of the fabric are you losing to the knot? Or would it be easier to ask how big around the headband is once you have it tied? lol I suspect I might be confused when I try to adjust the sizing to fit bigger/smaller :-) I know my girls head is 17" around when I measure for a simple FOE headband so I'm curious how long I should cut the fabric for her.

Aileen Bluhm said...

Thanks for the tutorial! These are super cute but I sewed a straight stitch and now the headband won't stretch without breaking the seam. Wouldn't it be better to sew a zig-zag?

Teri Axson said...
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Teri Axson said...

Great tutorial... Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a beginner sewer! My daughter is home visiting with her hubby, 3 1/2 yr old & her 3 mo old identical twin girls... Can't wait to make some for them this week!

Aileen- I did read another tutorial similar & she stated to sew the headbands WITH a zig zag stitch just so the fabric will continue to stretch! :)

nina hartmann said...

Do you have a cheat sheet for measurements for all different ages? Or how much extra should you add to the measurement of their head? Awesome tutorial, made one for my dtr and it's adorable! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing the same problem.... would a zig zag stich allow the head band to stretch?

Anonymous said...

I believe she only meant to do the straight stitching around the curved end. But use zig zag on the rest.

Kim Knopp said...

How long & wide for a newborn?

Nicki Morgan said...

Kim - I would sew it 5" wide and at least 17" long. You'll want it to fit with the tie at about 12" all around. You can always cut and tie the fabric before you sew it to get a good estimate on how long it needs to be. Hope this helps!

Charlene Lee said...

My granddaughter has one and they put wire in it, to make the ends stick up. It's cute, but I don't know how the wire is twisted in there to keep from sticking the babies head.

samra said...

How long for my daughter in law going through chemo. She has lost her hair but her head sweats so that a hat burns her up. Thought this would look cute and she wouldn't be totally bald.

Mohammad Salauddin said...

Thanks. I made this and it turned out fab. Thank you for sharing.
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PicCell said...

I love headbands!!! This one I will have to make! Thank you for sharing!

Hristo Yanev said...
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Mack Jones said...

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Baby Headbands said...

Awww those are so cute! You are so crafty :) very beautiful!

Unknown said...

How many headbands do you get out of 1/4 yd of fabric

Elizabeth said...

Great pattern and tutorial. My granddaughters will have headbands to match all their outfits now. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Did y'all find a solution to this

Anonymous said...

A zig zag stitch or lengthen your stitches and slightly stretch the knit as you sew.

Anonymous said...

Glue it with your glue gun thats what i do

wendyDIY chen said...

Incredible idea!Thank you for sharing this DIY headband tutorial!DIY tutorial.

Y Ribbon said...

Ooh love this idea! It's awesome! Why not add some nice elements to the headband with Grosgrain Ribbon?

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So pretty, yet so easy! My daughter will have a wardrobe of them by the weekend! Thanks!

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