Friday, June 28

Baby Changes

 The phrase "they grow up so fast" is one we hear more often than we'd like sometimes.  I remember holding my tiny little girl, fast asleep in my arms and hearing people tell me to cherish the moment, soak it up, before too long she'll be going off to college.  Ugh, it drove me batty.  I was a brand new mommy, of course I was soaking her up!!!  Well, guess what?  Now I'm the one saying it!  {slaps forehead}

Callie is now 13 months old and we cannot get over how quickly the months have passed.  I've said it before and I'll for sure say it again, but this goes by so quickly.  It's one of the reasons I am so happy we started this blog nearly 4 years ago.  On sleepless nights I can pull up the archives and read about all of the amazing moments from our lives, sometimes reliving something I had completely forgotten.  This next part is totally just for said record keeping's sake... For most of you this is the part you can just skip over :).

Our "Little Bird" {as we so affectionately call her thanks to this picture in the NICU} is pushing 19 pounds (finally) and walking like nobody's business!  Some of her favorite words are; Daddy, Momma, bye-bye, hi, puppy, moah (more), uhsis (what's this?), kickle kickle {in a high squeaky voice} (tickle-tickle), and open (she LOVES those plastic Easter eggs and every time she opens them we say "open"). 

She eats like a total champ, too!  Every morning she has her fresh oatmeal with purred banana/blueberries (and vitamins) along with a cup of milk. Lunch time usually consists of some type of lunch meat, fruit (usually grapes), cheese and crackers/bread and juice.  She gets a snack in the afternoon, yogurt or applesauce and dinner is whatever we are eating that night.  I stopped nursing just after she turned 13 months -that is a whole different blog post though - and we said goodbye to bottles at the same time. 

I'm pretty blessed to have such a good little girl on my hands.  She sleeps 10-12 hours a night, takes two naps a day (each at least 1-2 hours long) and plays SO well by herself.  There are moments, more so lately, that she wants to follow me around or just sit in my lap and I do my best to stop whatever it is I am doing and focus on her.  As I previously stated, it goes by so fast, and I don't want to miss an opportunity to let every part of her soak into my memory storage. 

From time to time, as part of my attempt to track her growth, I'll revisit old pictures of her and try to recreate them for comparison's sake.  It's REALLY cool to look back and see her changes and I urge all of you (who are in the same situation, or soon to be) to do this!  You will be so glad you did.

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