Thursday, June 20

Fourth of July Cuteness

So the Fourth of July is quickly approaching and all of my crafty cells are starting to buzz with excitement.  Not to mention my gurgling tummy... hot dogs, hamburgers, Rocketpops!!!  Seriously, who doesn't love this holiday?! 

I've had some requests for custom headbands and it got me thinking, I haven't even figured out what to do for Callie or myself yet!  So, this afternoon during nap time I unloaded my newly organized crafting materials {Still have a long way to go as far as organization is concerned...} and started coming up with some ideas.

I'm waiting on an order of thick red elastic which will look absolutely adorable on this little number...

And then there's this one, which has already sold {WOO!}

Then, I decided to try my hand at a knot headband.  It just so happens that I had an old red t-shirt (red is just not my color) lying around in the closet so I up-cycled it for this sweet little number that I loved so much, I made myself one to match!!

Yep, Callie and I will have matching headbands for the Fourth!  It could be worse... I have been known to steal her headbands and use them for myself. :) 

We still don't have solid plans laid down for that weekend, but we are ecstatic that Josh's incredible boss gave them Friday off, too! Can I get a woo-hoo for a 4 day weekend with my man???  I can already smell the sunscreen and burgers.  Get excited.  :)

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