Wednesday, December 9

Another fabulous weekend

This past weekend started off with Kellie's bachelorette party. Kellie and I went to high school together and were each other's rivals in choir competitions. Kellie and Jamie (my sister-in-law) were roommates in college and we've all gotten a lot closer since then. On Saturday, December 12th, she will be marrying her best friend! So we ladies got together and planned a night out to celebrate her last weekend as a "single" lady.

The night started out at the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington. We LOVE their food, but their drinks aren't have bad either. ;)

While we were waiting for our meals to come out Kellie opened her gifts. She received some beautiful pieces of langere and a few gag gifts as well. My favorite gag gift was "Macho Man." We wanted to embarrass Kellie as much as we possibly could and boy did it work.

After supper we headed over to a bowling alley for the rest of the night. It consisted of two rushed games within our hour time slot. We had a lot of fun goofing around and spending time together. In only 5 days she'll be Mrs. Cameron Kincaid! SO excited for you, Kellie!

Saturday was the Jingle Bell Run. Jami and her family have done this run for a couple of years now and this year Kristi and I decided to join her. We all met up around 2:30 at the Starbucks downtown and hung out watching all of the buzzing excitement go down before the race started.

Because we were there with a big group of people of all ages we decided to walk the 5K. We weren't there for the competition, we were there supporting the cause. It was so much fun to see all of these people come together for such a great purpose! We saw some very interesting costumes as well.

My favorite costume! He was ADORABLE!

Next year, when we do the race again, I'll have Boy#4 (we still don't have a name for our pup) to run the race with me! I'm really looking forward to that!

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