Wednesday, December 2

'Tis the Season

Most couples fall into a post-wedding coma after they are married... Josh and I simply didn't give ourselves the time! One month after our wedding Thanksgiving rolled around and now it is time for the Christmas season!

Josh and I went out in search of the perfect Christmas tree and found ourselves at Hobby Lobby where all of the trees were 50% off! Doesn't get much better than that. We spent an entire evening trying to find the perfect decorations. There are so many colors and textures, patterns and motifs... We simply didn't know where to start. We had our basket full of gold and red when we walked into the aisle filled with beautiful steely blue and silver ornaments. We both looked at each other and immediately started to unload the basket and replace the items with our new ornaments.

The day before Thanksgiving we were given a half day at work. So, we ran a couple of errands and then headed to the house to begin setting up our tree. Since we do not have any chairs in the house yet Josh came up with a very unique way for us to get the angel on top of the tree:

It took absolutely forever to get each branch fluffed and each ornament strung but the end result was TOTALLY worth it.

It took an entirely separate evening to set up my village. When I was a young girl we visited a friend for Thanksgiving. Inside of her fireplace, covering the hearth and all along the surrounding floor were little village pieces. I sat there for hours mesmerized with the beauty of her creation. That Christmas my brother bought me my first village piece. It was a little cottage along with a beautiful gazebo. 12 years later my collection has continued to grow and I now have my own Christmas village to share.

Another task was trying to find the perfect stockings and stocking holders. I came across these adorable country bears, and knew right away that they were perfect for us. The stockings we found at Pottery Barn and the price was right on.

Josh's grandmother offered us some garland she had ordered last year and that was a perfect fit for our mantle. I am so pleased with how everything has turned out so far.

This morning, Josh and I woke up to a beautiful snowfall. It's Texas... and December... So we were a little in shock. But it was romantic none-the-less and we stood there together enjoying the site in our room filled with Christmas decorations. It's easy to find joy when you've been blessed so abundantly. 'Tis the Season to be jolly and by golly... I sure am.

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