Thursday, December 17

The making of Mr. and Mrs. Kincaid

This past weekend my dear friend, Kellie, married her best friend, Cameron.

The weekend started off with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  Josh's parents had been over at our house helping us hang blinds and we lost track of time, making us about 15 minutes late to the rehearsal, the good thing for us is that Butler time runs about 15 minutes late ALWAYS... :)

Kellie and me at the rehearsal dinner

Once there the rehearsal got started and went very smoothly, I believe it was the shortest rehearsal I've ever been to.  No one complained about that. :)  Then we hopped in our cars and headed towards La Hacienda Ranch- a great Mexican restaurant in Carrolton.  The food was wonderful and company was even better.  Highlight of the night was definitely Kellie's grandfather singing the song he had spontaneously made up during the meal... I can't remember it word for word but it ended something like this, "And after the wedding they'll head to their motel where they will have a lot of fun that they will never tell!"  Everyone died with laughter as it was a VERY unexpected comment to be coming out of her grandfather's mouth.

All of the Bridesmaids

Saturday we all met up at Kellie's around 2:00 for a delicious meal prepared for us by Kendra's boyfriend.  After stuffing our bellies we jumped in our cars and headed towards the Grand Hyatt (which is actually the same hotel Josh and I stayed at on our wedding night) to get ready for the wedding.  Kellie booked a beautiful suite (that would be their room for the night as well) for us to use to get ready, it was beautiful!  We prepped and pampered ourselves and finally got on the road toward the church around 5PM.

Finally got the GORGEOUS dress on

<3 LOVE!

Waiting for the wedding to start... in the nursery. :)

The rest is obvious, pictures, waiting, playing, waiting.... You know the drill.  Then at 7:00PM Kellie walked down the aisle, one of the most breath-taking brides I've ever seen in my entire life.  I promised myself I wouldn't cry, and even avoided wearing waterproof mascara (determined to stay dry eyed) but then I looked over at Cameron who was BALLING and I couldn't help but to tear up.  The highlight of their wedding was for one, standing up there with them as they made their commitment (what an honor!) and the other highlight was listening to them sing "The Prayer" to one another on stage.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire church- they gave Charlotte and Josh a run for their money.

Sharing a kiss after they said "I do."

After the wedding and pictures were finished we went to the reception hall.  They even had their names on a marqee!  It was uber cool.

It was so wonderful watching the two of them interact all night, dancing, making faces, hugging and sneaking sweet, loving kisses.  You could really feel the love they shared for one another.  Everything was beautifully decorated and the mood had really been set well.  I even got to run into my high school teacher, Robyn, and some old friends I hadn't seen in over 5 years!  What a wonderful night.

Kellie with her beautiful sisters, Kendra and Katie

Dancing the night away... This is a typical Cameron face. HAHA!

Kellie and Cameron are now in Jamaica soaking up the sun and enjoying their new married life together.  I was so honored to have been a part of their special day and wish them nothing but love and blessings in their marriage.

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