Thursday, December 31

New Year Resolutions

Traditions are sort of a big deal in my family... At the end of every year my dad used to tell us kids, "take some time and write down your goals for the new year, if you don't write them down they won't get done!" And then we would all pile into the car, head out to breakfast (usually at Panera Bread) and sit around the table with our cinnamon crunch bagels and read our resolutions to one another. This year is a little different though, seeing that I am no longer living at home. So I will do my new year's resolutions a little differently- I will write them here and share them with all of you!

My entire life I have been a singer. At the age of 3 I stood up on stage at our church of 3,000+ and sang my little heart out... I've always settled for being, "just a singer," but there is a dream I've had for several years now that I am going to attempt to fulfill. One of my new years resolutions is to learn how to play the guitar. You may be thinking, Gosh, Nicki... You are almost 24, isn't that a little old to try and learn how to play an instrument? Well you are wrong! I've set my mind to learning and I am going to make it happen, even if it is only playing one song really well. There's only one problem... I need to get a guitar first. :0) My Birthday is only 18 days away, so who knows!

Another New Year's resolution is to embrace my family. Now that I am on my own (so to speak) I am realizing how important it is to make the effort to spend time with family. A week can fly by and I realize that I hadn't seen any of them once!
My little sister is no longer little, she has blossomed into a vivacious teen filled with aspirations and desires and I don't want to let this year pass by without me getting to know her inside and out.

My brother and his wife are in NC which makes spending time with them very difficult, but I seemed to have forgotten over this past year that phone calls work both ways- I will definitely be making a point to call them more often. Especially knowing that my brother can be shipped off to Afghanistan at any time.

My mom has empty nest syndrome and I miss her every minute of every day. I want to make a point to spend time with her at least once a week- I don't want to miss out on any of our fun girl talks!

I'll always be a Daddy's girl and some of my favorite memories with him growing up were when we went on breakfast dates- that is on my list of goals for this new year as well, more Daddy/Daughter breakfast dates. :)

Not only do I want to grow to know my immediate family better- I also want to make a point to get to know my *new family better. My dear friend (who just so happens to also be my sister in law) is entering a very exciting time in her life and I feel so honored to be able to experience the journey with her- I want to be there for her whenever she needs a hand to help or an ear to listen and I look forward to our friendship growing even stronger in 2010. There are so many wonderful things that I can learn from the Morgans and my goal is to be ready and available when those opportunities arise. They are a wonderful family and I love that I am now a part of it.

Friends are a huge part of my life. When I am down in the dumps they know just how to pull me out, when I need an ear to listen they offer the biggest ones around, and when I need a night out on the town they show up in their best outfits ready to show me the time of my life. This past year with the wedding and all of the insanity I seem to have forgotten that they need me, too. So this year I am going to strive to be the best friend I can be. I want to go above and beyond anyone's expectations of me- to be there even when they haven't asked me to be, to show love and compassion even when I feel it isn't being returned fully and to forgive before forgiveness has even been asked of me. My friends are precious and irreplaceable and I want to make each and every one of them feel that way. This is the time in life where some friends fall by the way side- I know that not every friend I've made will still be there in 5 years, but I do know what friends I want to invest my time with and in 2010 they will definitely be feeling the love!

A new goal for 2010 is to strive to be the wife that God intended me to be. People always say that the first year of marriage is the hardest- and I do believe that they probably know what they're talking about. But I would like to look back in October of 2010 and say, "well hey! That wasn't too bad!" In our premarital counseling we learned about being the spouse that God intended us to be- I want to strive to always show respect to Josh, I want him to have full trust in me and my love for him. I want to share every good and bad moment with him knowing that when we come out on the other side he will be there holding my hand. I will whine less, encourage more, build strength and do my best to never make him feel bad despite what I'm feeling inside. To attack conflict at the core and not sweat the small stuff. He is my everything and I will invest all that I have in him knowing that he will do so in return. I cannot wait to see what this new year has in store for our marriage!

Last but not least- and this is usually the thing I strive for most in my goals- is to strengthen my walk with Christ. I grew up going to church, from the week I was born I was attending Sunday services. Now that I am a grown woman I have to make it a point to spend time with God on my own- to turn off the TV and take some quiet time, Bible in hand, and talk with God. He has something planned for me this next year- I don't know what it is, but I know that when it arises I want to be prepared. My goal is to spend more time with Him and less time with technology. That may mean less photos uploaded, less Facebook statuses to read, and less time watching my favorite shows... but it also means a stronger relationship with my Father, wisdom to do what is right in every situation, and the strength to continue walking despite the difficulties that I may face... And that, to me, is SO worth it.

Josh and I will be off to Hempstead, Texas for the rest of the weekend. We will be bringing in the New Year with a large group of friends at Trevor's ranch, sitting by the bonfire, shooting skeet, fishing and playing games. It feels like a much needed trip to me and I am looking forward to the time away. I pray that you all have a wonderful and happy New Year, be safe, have fun and don't forget to write down your goals, because after all, if you don't write them down they won't get done! :)

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