Thursday, January 7

"Our First Christmas"

Well, I was waiting to post this until I had access to the photos that Josh took over our Christmas break, but it seems that I have failed at obtaining them so here we are...

This was our 6th Christmas together but it was also our "first." I thought things would be easy seeing that our parents live in the same neighborhood, not more than 5 blocks from one another, but I was proven wrong.

Like good kids, we both wanted to spend time with our families on Christmas, but this was just not possible, so we came up with a way to do it all.

Christmas Eve Josh and I had a half day at work. After getting a few errands run and doing some packing we headed over to the Morgan household to celebrate Christmas. We arrived to a beautifully decorated Santa Land with the smell of ribbye baking in the oven.

(We'll have to settle for an iPhone picture...)

Soon after our arrival we exchanged and opened gifts. Steve and Marsha were overly generous with all of their sweet and thoughtful gifts to us. We received board games and tools, and even new pieces to add to my village! My favorite gift from the Morgans was my very first pair of cowgirl boots!

(Sorry, another iPhone pic)

After our gift exchange we all sat down for dinner. They had made Ribbye, twice baked potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, homemade rolls, and incredible creamed corn. It was the best meal I had had in quite some time- we both filled ourselves to the brim. We had so much fun spending the evening with the Morgans and hated to leave, but had to get on the road before the ice and snow got any worse! The roads were so slick that it took Josh and I a good 30 minutes to get back home, it's usually about 15!

That night, after stuffing the stockings, as I was getting in bed I noticed a big box lying in my spot. I looked at Josh and said, "What is this?" He just smiled and said, "I dunno, maybe Santa brought it by." So I eagerly ripped open the gift and found the most perfect set of PJ's inside! He wanted to make sure that I had Christmas jammies... A tradition strong in both of our families. As I changed into my baby blue jammy shirt and red snow flake bottoms my heart was filled with warmth.

Christmas morning we woke up to a blanket of white snow outside. It was the first white Christmas I had experienced since moving from Colorado almost 8 years ago! I am so embarrased to say that I didn't think of taking pictures.. I think Josh did, though so when I get a hold of them I'll put 'em up for ya!

Josh got to work building us a fire while I gathered the gifts. Together we sat in front of the toasty fire and opened our gifts to one another. Josh loved his, a new duck call, a duck call laniard, and a Baretta gun case for his new over-under shotgun. My gift was a new puppy so I didn't have much to open, but he did get me an incredible pair of hunting boots from Cabellas! I was so surprised and very excited, now I can wear my own boots when we're out hunting! Unfortunately, as I wrote in my previous post, things fell through with the puppy but I had a wonderful Christmas nonetheless.

After getting things cleaned up we packed up the car and headed to my parent's house. We shared brunch with them, Mom made breakfast casserole! One of my absolute favorites. After eating we exchanged and opened gifts and I received even more pieces for my village! Next year it's going to be so big we may have to split it up around the house. :) We played a game of phase 10 and then it was time for Josh and me to get on the road.

We were headed to East Texas in the early afternoon. We arrived at Mimi and Papa's house at about 3:30 to find that the hospital had released both of them for the afternoon! They had spent most of the day in their own home for the first time in several months. If that isn't a great Christmas gift, I don't know what is. It was so wonderful to see them home, but the bittersweet moment only lasted briefly as they were soon on their way back to the rehab facility. We spent the remainder of the afternoon spending time with cousins and catching up.

Later that evening we made it over to our other Grandparent's home for dinner and great converstaion. My Christmas meal consisted of a ham sandwhich with BBQ potato chips, but it was still wonderful. After exchanging gifts, yet again, we headed to the movies with our cousins to see Avatar in 3D. I had already seen it opening night, but I was just buzzing to go again. It was (in my opninion) phenominal!

We ladies recieved these awesome hair towels from Grammy! I've LOVE mine!

Jamie and Kenneth rockin the 3D glasses at Avatar

The next day we spent with family, had a wonderful lunch and then headed out to Glenwood to set up Josh's trail camera that he got for Christmas. After waiting a while for Kenny and Jamie to show up they finally arrived. We stood around for a minute and then out of the silence Jamie says, "Well... I got another Christmas present..." And pulled her left hand out of her pocket... There on her ring finger was a gorgeous marquise cut, solitare engagement ring! My eyes instantly filled with tears as I rushed to hug and congratulate her. Apparently that morning, while they were at Mimi and Papa's letting the dogs out, Kenneth asked Jamie to be his wife. *Sigh* I must say that I feel partially responsible for this wonderful match... A year and a half ago Jamie and I had a girl's night and went to Billy Bobs. While in the car I told Jamie that she was gonna meet Mr. Right that night. We scored great seats for the concert and soon enough there was a group of guys behind us asking to share the spot. One of those guys was Kenny. They exchanged numbers and the rest, as they say, is history.

This photo is from that night, Kenneth is the creeper on the right... Who would have known..

After drying my tears and hearing the details we took off into the woods and set the game trail camera. After that Josh and I headed back to Fort Worth so we could spend a little time relaxing together at home.

It was a wonderful Christmas, in spite of the lack of a big Christmas meal, no hot chocolate for Josh Christmas morning and a great gift gone wrong, I still managed to maintain a happy spirit remembering the true reason for the Season. Christ, our savior was born to save us all from our own sin- He changed the world forever and THAT is why we celebrate CHRISTmas. No amount of Christmas ham, sweet potatos, or little puppy gifts will ever amount to that. :)

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