Tuesday, January 26

Birthday Festivities

Saturday, January 23rd I had some of my closest girlfriends come out to celebrate for the night.  We started the evening off with dinner at Mi Cocina.

The food was excellent!

After dinner we headed back to my house for some games, desert and fun!


Then we played the longest game of Jenga ever... It was EPIC.


We finished the night off by playing Guitar Hero World Tour until 2am

Kellie gave us plenty of good laughs as she dominated the vocals and everyone else took turns playing different instruments.  It was a blast.

Highlights of the night:
  • Seeing all of my friends
  • The delicious food at Mi Cocina
  • Everyone packing into my Ford Escape... Kellie and Jamie M. took the trunk!
  • Enjoying the yummy cookies and cake
  • Listening to friends as they sang "Happy Birthday" to me!
  • Playing the longest game of Jenga ever... Everyone would get so nervous right before their turn.
  • Listening to Kellie on vocals for Guitar Hero World Tour.
Not so great parts of the night:
  • As I was showing the girls how to use the pull up bar it came loose and I fell on my head and elbows.  I knocked the wind out of myself and had a terrible headache for the remainder of the night. It's now Tuesday and I am just now starting to feel better.  I imagine it is how I would feel if I had been in a car accident.... I will NEVER get back on a chin up bar ever again. 
  • Saying goodbye to everyone.  I hate goodbyes and wish everyone could have stayed even longer!
Thank you so much to all of my friends for making my 24th Birthday something I'll remember forever.  You are all so important to me and I love you SO very much!!!

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