Thursday, January 7

Welcome, 2010!

I had been looking forward to New Years Eve for quite some time. Christmas was wonderful, but because of all of the traveling it didn't feel like much of a vacation. New Year's was going to be our mini winter vacation and we couldn't wait.

New Year's Eve Josh and I both worked a half day and once at home we were rushing around packing our bags so we could get on the road to Hempstead, Texas. With the truck loaded down we dropped Charlie off with my parents (who graciously puppysat for us) and started on our long drive South.

We arrived at Trevor's ranch just before the sunset. We said hello to friends we hadn't seen in a while and even met some new ones! Then, after getting settled in, the guys started dinner. Our appetizer was delicious sausage that was gone in about 15 minutes and our main meal was chicken and steak fajitas.

The food was wonderful. We spend the rest of the night inside playing games and enjoying our company as the rain fell outside. The boys had their New Year's cigars outside exchanging stories while the girls chatted inside. At midnight Josh found his way inside, snuggled up close to me on the couch and we watched the clock as it went from 11:59 to 12:00 and we sealed it with a big smooch. And because we are old we went to bed shortly after.

There were so many people at the ranch that we all had to pick and choose our beds. Josh and I ended up on the top bunks of two bunk beds, separated by a rod of wood we both drifted off to sleep in our full size beds. It felt a little like I would imagine the olden days; Saying goodnight from across the room as your honey gets into his own bed. Very odd.

The next day was spent outside as God gave us the perfect first day of the year, blue skies and cool temperatures. The boys shot skeet and had contests while the girls played on four wheelers and flew a kite. Josh and Chase were on a team and they both did a great job in the contest.

While the boys played we ladies headed to the part of their land that backs up to a golf course. They have made a game called "Hunters and Gatherers" where there are two to a four wheeler and you drive around picking up golf balls... It sounds lame but it was so much fun. The team who gets the most wins! Sarah and I ended up getting more than Lauren and Johnna, we were so proud of our win!

Everyone trickled off into groups, the guys went dove hunting while some stayed behind to fish... it was a very relaxing evening. Once night fell they started a bonfire outside and Lauren started making her homemade chili. We spent the night around the fire talking and Trevor disposed of their Christmas tree in the coolest way- he propped it up right in the fire and watched it burn. Definitely a beautiful site.

The next morning most of us headed back home to enjoy another day of relaxation in the comfort of our own homes. Josh and I stopped in Waco on the way home for lunch with Derek and Chase- it was really nice getting to just relax and spend time with friends.

It's already January 7th... There are so many wonderful things in store for us this year and I cannot wait to see what happens!

Happy New Year!

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